Here you will find a list of projects we are working on within the War Metal Wiki. If you have information you would like to add to any of the articles listed here, you are more than welcome to assist in expanding our data.

Please keep the list of projects within each section in alphabetical order.


These are projects that are global to the Wiki, or otherwise are applicable to both War Metal and Tyrant.

Article Improvement

This is a continuous project, with no single person leading it. It is meant to be a centralized project area for improving articles.

Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/Article Improvement (Lead: Not applicable)


Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/Forums (Lead: No volunteer yet)


Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/NavBoxes (Lead: No volunteer yet)

War Metal

These are projects specific to War Metal.


Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/War Metal/Groups (Lead: No volunteer yet)

Memorial Wall

Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/War Metal/Memorial Wall (Lead: No volunteer yet)


These are projects specific to Tyrant.

Tyrant Archive

Tyrant projects will become subpages of the archive when they are completed and a new project is being proposed for the same area.

Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/Tyrant/Archive (Lead: Not Applicable)

Tyrant Achievements

Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/Tyrant/Achievements (Lead: Slivicon)

Tyrant Cards

Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/Tyrant/Cards (Lead: Slivicon)

Tyrant Grinding

Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/Tyrant/Grinding (Lead: Hakdo)

Tyrant Missions

Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/Tyrant/Missions (Lead: Slivicon)

Tyrant Mission Decks

Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/Tyrant/Mission Decks (Lead: Hakdo)

Tyrant PvP

Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/Tyrant/PvP (Lead: No volunteer yet)

Tyrant Sealed Tournaments

Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/Tyrant/PvP/Tournaments/Sealed (Lead: Hakdo)

Tyrant Raids

Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/Tyrant/Raids (Lead: Slivicon)

Tyrant Strategy

Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/Tyrant/Strategy (Lead: Hakdo)

Tyrant Walkthrough

Main article: War Metal Wiki:Projects/Tyrant/Walkthrough (Lead: Hakdo)


These are not projects, but rather links to important information for anyone involved in a project:

See Also

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