War MetalEdit

Black Ops was introduced on 11 March 2010 and gives the player added Attack and Defense power when filled. The player invites selected individuals to fill one of each of the four positions of Striker, Guardian, Medic, and Sniper.

As of the 11 October 2010, this feature is being reviewed/revised and has been unavailable since introduction of the new User Interface.

Filling Black OpsEdit

Black Ops gives possible selections for positions when empty. Most of the time, individuals suggested are friends who are not playing War Metal. This requires the player to highlight and type the first part of a name of a friend who they do know plays. The player then selects a name from the list than is displayed, confirms the name, and clicks "Invite" to initiate the prompt preview. If the person has had invites for the selected position and has filled one, a message stating "That person has had too many invites today." If the person is not filling the position for another player, the prompt preview is displayed requesting optional player message and "Post to Wall." It is possible for each player to receive an invite for each position they are not currently holding for another player. Duration of each position is 48 hours from the time it is filled. Once a position is filled, the friend's name is listed along with the remaining duration of their appointment.


Black Ops Enlistment

Wall PostingEdit

Since the Black Ops requires posting to friends' walls, it is still possible to invite a player to Black Ops when you find one who has disallowed posting. To get around this, be sure your friend still wishes to participate in Black Ops. Then copy the link from the post preview by right-clicking on the image, and send to your friend via private message.

Notes and SourcesEdit

  • Initial duration was set to 24 hours, with the modification to 48 hours within the first few weeks after introduction.
  • Duration of appointment was not included with the introduction of Black Ops, but was later added when duration of appointment was extended.
  • There have been noted glitches when one player has held the same position for more than one of their friends.
  • Additional information available on Black Ops at WM-proc charts.

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