Components Consumed on Launch Time per Instance Level Required to Join Team Size Enemy Health Team Health Enraged Mode
Not known 24 Hours 6 to 35 (?) 1 to 5 Players 750 Unlimited Does Not Exist

Released on or shortly before 9 March 2010, the Shambler was a one time event which occurs during The Red Sands Mission area when a new player reaches Level 6. The Shambler introduces new players to Xenos and Epic Bosses and is initiated with a popup requesting the player to "Complete" the event. Event lasts 24 hours, and resets after 48 hours.



Shambler Event Battle

Upon initiating battle, this message appears:

Flickering lights litter the abandoned Red Maw research laboratory your squad has been sent to investigate. The sound of banging and moaning grows louder until suddenly a horrible mutation breaks through a sealed door!

After victory is achieved, this message is displayed:

The Shambler lets ouf a final bellow and crumbles under its own weight. Behind the sealed door, you find a storage room with signs of conflict and the word 'Xeno' scribbled in blood...

Loot and RewardsEdit


  • $20,000
  • Experience: +30

Chance Loot:




  • Supporting a Shambler event is closed to higher levels. It is speculated that levels 35 or higher are unable to join the event. The threshhold could be lower than 35.
  • This Epic battle does not require 5 people participating to obtain full loot.
  • This Epic is no longer triggered. It may be reintroduced at a future date.
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