Components Consumed on Launch Time per Instance Level Required to Join Team Size Enemy Health Team Health Enraged Mode
1 Hatchling Beacon 24 Hours Unlimited 1 to 20 Players 55,000 Unlimited Does Not Exist

Released November 13, 2009, the Hatchling Swarm was the first of two Epic Bosses introduced.


Gatling Turret (75/75)Edit

  • Requires 20 people to bring into battle

Loot and RewardsEdit


  • $25,000
  • Experience: +25

Chance Loot:

Host will still get full loot even when there is a massive cap breaker. This was verified in a Swarm where the host did 3592 damage and the cap breaker did 21,525 damage. Host still received a Prestige token and other loot.



Hatchling Swam Event Image


Hatchling Swarm Battle Victory Image

The Beacon components click into place, and a quiet hum begins emanating from the device. Soon, the hum is replaced with a rumbling from beneath your feet. Suddenly, a hole erupts from the ground, and a massive black cloud escapes. When the dust clears, you see it is a swarm of Hatchlings. The base is under Attack!

At the end of the battle:

You hurl the last of the Hatchlings into the Pyre, and breathe a sigh of relief. Your victory has kept your Force alive, if just for one more day...


  • This epic battle does not need to be full to drop full loot. The same amount of loot will drop regardless of total damage, therefore soloing it will not give any more loot than if 20 people each do 2750 damage.
  • To get best loot, players must be in the top 10% of all hitters.
  • Swarm Elite is a closed group set up especially for participating in Swarm events.
  • Swarm No Cap Breakers is an actively moderated closed group setup especially for participating in Swarm Events.