The Store allows the player to purchase Card Packs, sell extra or unwanted cards, purchase cards earned from Rewards, purchase Elite status and buy upgrades.

Card SellingEdit


Foiled Card (with bright band sweeping from upper left corner to lower right corner)

When first loading the Sell page, all cards in unused card pool are displayed on pages of 10 Cards per page. Different filters may be applied to display only certain kinds of cards. Sell value of the card is displayed below each card.

Sell Prices (As of version 2.8.88) :

  • Common: +50Gold
  • Uncommon: +200Gold
  • Rare: +1000Gold
  • Legendary: +2000Gold
  • Foiled cards sell five times as much as the unfoiled cards.

Card BuyingEdit

Main article: Tyrant/Card Packs


The following kinds of upgrades are currently available:

Energy UpgradesEdit

Since version 1.9.9, Energy upgrades can be bought with War Bonds and Gold. These upgrades provide a permanent increase to the maximum Energy limit. The amount of energy provided by a purchased limit is also allocated immediately at the time of purchase.

TEnergy Upgrades
Limit Increase Cost Required Level
2525War Bonds1
2550War Bonds1

Card UpgradesEdit

You may upgrade Certain Gold and Legendary Cards that have two sqaures at the bottom. The card will normally have one square filled in, and one blank. To upgrade a gold card, you must have two copies of the card and 20,000Gold. If it is a unique gold card, the do the same but you only need one copy of the card. Legendaries are the same as unique except it costs 100,000Gold. The upgraded card is mucch more powerful than it's previous form. For example, the card Jet Trooper normally has 2 Health, 3 Attack, 2 Wait, Flying and Heal 3. However, the uprgaded card has 5 Health, 3 Attack, 2 Wait, Flying, Heal 3, Jam.

TJet TrooperTJet Trooper Lv2

Deck UpgradesEdit

Since version 1.10.13, deck upgrades can be bought with War Bonds and Gold. These upgrades provide a permanent increase to the maximum deck limit. (Note: Deck limit, not card limit per deck)

Limit Increase Cost Required Level
110War Bonds1
120War Bonds1
130War Bonds1
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