Most cards in Tyrant have one or more Skills, which are special abilities beyond the card's attack strength and health.

The "turns" mentioned inside the skill descriptions, accords to the in-game turns, which a player must deplete the opponent's health within the 50 turn limit. Many skills and ailment statuses last until the affected assault's turn ends, that is, 1 turn if the skill is paybacked, or 2 turns otherwise.

Other than 1-turn skills like Rally, 2-turn skills like Weaken, instant skills like Heal, permanent skills like Poison and passive skills like Flying, a few exceptions like Enfeeble exist, in which Enfeeble doesn't carry on to opponent's turn.


Activation skills work during the card's turn. Units activate in this order:

  1. Action Cards
  2. Commander Cards
  3. Structure Cards
  4. Assault Cards

An Assault card's Activation skills trigger before it attacks. However, each card attacks before the cards to its right begin their turns.

If the timer on a card is still running, its Activation skills do not trigger.

Some Activation skills have Type restrictions. This means that only units of a certain Type will be "visible" to the skill. If there are no visible targets the skill does nothing that turn.

Some Activation skills have the word All. This means that instead of targeting a single random unit it will target every unit that is visible to the skill.

Activation skills that work on enemies are subject to the Evade, Chaos and Payback skill. All activation skills that work on allies are subject to Tribute by your own cards and Emulate by your opponents cards. All Activation skills are subject to the Mimic skill, with a few exceptions (Mimic, Split). Rules in this paragraph apply unless otherwise explained.

Skill Major Users Description Notes

TSkillIconChaos ChaosEdit

XenoRaider If an enemy Assault unit were to use an activation skill that would target one of its enemies, it targets its ally instead. (The skills used by a Chaosed unit cannot be evaded).
  • Chaos only targes assaults not jammed, chaosed and ready to attack.
  • Chaosed units can still be Jammed, that way Chaos does no effect.
  • Only offensive activation skills (Strike, Siege, Enfeeble, Jam, Mimic, Weaken, and Chaos) are affected.
  • Chaos can target opponents without any offensive activation skills (thus rendering it useless)
  • Target all skills will be unchanged, like Strike All (Thus targetting all its allies).
  • Faction restrictions of individual skills still apply. For example, target for Chaosed Strike Xeno 3 is still restricted to Xeno units only.
  • Chaos status fades when the chaosed assault finishes its activation skill(s).
  • Paybacked chaos can only affect the activation skills at that paybacked turn, for example, If a Pulsifier chaoses a payback assault, is paybacked a chaos, its following mimic will target its ally, but the chaos is removed after the mimic.
  • Please see Extra info on relations between Mimic and Chaos.

TSkillIconCleanse CleanseEdit

Imperial Remove all negative status effects from an ally Assault unit (Poison, Disease, Immobilize, Jam, Enfeeble, Chaos, Freeze)
  • Important: Weaken is not removed, although it is a negative effect.
  • Cleanse does not work against normal enfeeble, only paybacked or chaosed enfeeble.
  • Cleanse can target chaos, immobilize and jam on assaults on the left of the caster, effectly making the skill useless.
  • Cleanse does not target Freezed assault when its timer is still ticking.

TSkillIconEnfeeble Enfeeble XEdit

RaiderBloodthirstyXeno When enemy unit takes damage, takes additional damage.
  • Only targets enemy Assault cards on play.
  • X is the amount of extra damage taken if the unit is then attacked.
  • Enfeeble stacks with each other. It lasts one turn, and fades at the end of affected turn.
  • Enfeeble can cause multiple times damage increment.
  • Normal Strike, normal attack including Flurry, Swipe ones, can only be altered by normal Enfeeble.
  • Chaosed and Paybacked Strike, Counter damage can only be altered by Paybacked and Chaosed Enfeeble.
  • Does not affect Poison.

TSkillIconFreeze FreezeEdit

Righteous Prevents enemy assault unit from taking an action or decreasing its timer.
  • Currently only appears in Jotun, Sacred Guardian (Raid).
  • Has All version.
  • Subject to Mimic, Evade and Cleanse.
  • Cleanse does not target Frozen units which are not yet activated.

TSkillIconHeal Heal XEdit

TAll Icon Increases health of a random allied Assault card.
  • Only targets Assault cards on play at less than full health.
  • Cannot increase health above the starting amount.
  • X is the amount of health restored.

TSkillIconInfuse InfuseEdit

Bloodthirsty Change the type of any Assault unit (allied or enemy). Also changes any helpful skill (Heal, Rally, etc.).
  • Currently only appears in Gore Typhon (Raid).
  • Only targets Assault cards on play that do not belong to the pre-determined faction. (Bloodthirsty for Gore Typhon)
  • Effect is permanent and cannot be Cleansed.
  • If the helpful skill targets all factions, it is unchanged.
  • Payback and Chaos don't apply as this skill is not owned by any assault.

TSkillIconJam JamEdit

TAll Icon 50% chance of preventing a random enemy Assault card from taking an action next turn.
  • Stops Activation skills as well as attacks. Passive skills (e.g. Defensive skills) are unaffected.
  • Only targets active Assault cards on play which are not already Jammed.
  • If Jam fails, evade, payback, chaos effect will not be triggered. Intercept will show the animation, but Jam remains failed.
  • Jammed assaults will cease to be target of any Jam, Chaos, Weaken, Rally, identical to ones that timers have not yet run out.

TSkillIconMimic MimicEdit

ImperialBloodthirstyXeno Uses any "Activation" skills of an enemy Assault card, except Mimic. Ignores Type restrictions (ex. "Strike Raider 1" becomes "Strike 1".)
  • Works on cards whose timers are still running.
  • Note that this picks a random card, not a random skill.
  • Can pick card with no activation skills, which does no effect.
  • All activation skills will be copied and used in prescribed order if successful.
  • Naturally immune to payback, and targets ally instead if assault is chaosed. Please see Extra info.

TSkillIconProtect Protect XEdit

Righteous Prevent damage from attack or any skill.
  • Targets Assault units only.
  • Protect stacks with each other.
  • Protect fade at the end of opposing side's turn. It lasts two turns with exception of Protect on attack or on death.
  • Cannot reduce damage dealt via Poison (provided the assault is already Poisoned).
  • X is the amount of damage prevented.

TSkillIconRally Rally XEdit

TAll Icon Increases the Attack of a random allied Assault card.
  • Only targets active Assault cards on play that are neither Immobilized nor Jammed this turn (including itself, if it is an Assault card), and have not attacked yet.
  • Therefore, Assault cards can only Rally themselves and cards to their right, while other types of cards can Rally any active Assault card.
  • X is the amount the Attack is increased by.

TSkillIconRecharge RechargeEdit

Bloodthirsty 50% chance that this card will return to the bottom of the deck after use.
  • Can only appear in Action cards.
  • Currently only appears in Behemoth (Raid).

TSkillIconRepair Repair XEdit

RaiderBloodthirsty Increases health of a random allied Structure card.
  • Only targets Structure cards on play at less than full health.
  • Cannot increase health above the starting amount.
  • X is the amount of health restored.
  • Currently only appears in Siege on Kor (Raid) and Blightbloom (Raid).
  • Can be mimicked.

TSkillIconRush Rush XEdit

RaiderRighteous Decrease the cost of a random owner's Assault card.

TSkillIconShock Shock XEdit

Bloodthirsty Deal damage directly to the Enemy Commander.
  • X is the amount of damage being dealt to the commander.
  • This damage ignores Walls.
  • Currently only appears in Behemoth (Raid).

TSkillIconSiege Siege XEdit

TAll Icon Deals damage to a random enemy Structure.
  • X is the amount of damage being dealt to the structure.
  • Not subject to Payback since target is not assault.

TSkillIconSplit SplitEdit

Bloodthirsty Make a copy of this (Cannot be Mimiced)
  • Currently only appears in Tartarus Swarm (Raid).
  • The copy starts with full health, no status and at the beginning of its timer (as if it had just been played).
  • Assault cards created by Split also carry Split, so the number can increase exponentially.

TSkillIconStrike Strike XEdit

TAll Icon Deals damage to a random enemy Assault card.
  • X is the amount of damage being dealt to the unit.

TSkillIconSummon Summon XXXEdit

TAll Icon Plays a copy of the specified card.
  • Plays the card in the rightmost position of your field, as if it had just been played.
  • The owner does not have to own the summoned card or put that in his/her deck.
  • If this skill does not have a skill modifier, it will perform every turn and can be Mimicked, like most of the other activation skills.
  • XXX is the name of card played.

TSkillIconSupply Supply XEdit

Righteous Heal this unit and adjacent Assault units (can only be Mimiced by Assault units)
  • Only activates when either self or any adjacent Assault unit is at less than full health.
  • Cannot increase health above the starting amount.
  • X is the amount of health restored.

TSkillIconWeaken Weaken XEdit

TAll Icon Reduce the attack of an enemy Assault card.
  • Only targets active Assault cards on play with at least 1 Attack that are neither Jammed nor Immobilized.
  • Therefore Assault cards with 0 attack, say Bulldozer, are effectively immune to Weaken.
  • X is the amount the Attack is reduced by.
  • Attack can be reduced to below 0. Assault cards which has already been weakened to 0 or less attack, are immune to further Weakens.


Defensive skills work when the unit is attacked, even if the unit's timer is still running. Evade and Mimic do not work on these skills, nor on any damage resulting from them.

Skill Major Users Description Notes

TSkillIconArmored Armored XEdit

ImperialRaiderReduces damage taken by attacks.
  • Does not affect damage from skills.
  • X is the amount the normal attack damage is reduced by.
  • Pierce skill reduces the effect of Armor to a minimum of 0.
  • If all damage is blocked, Damage-Dependent skills do not trigger.

TSkillIconCounter Counter XEdit

ImperialRaiderXenoWhen damaged by an attack, deal damage to attacker.
  • Does not trigger on damage from skills.
  • X is the amount of damage dealt to the attacker.
  • Works even if the countering unit is killed by the attack.
  • Damage is dealt before Leech triggers.
  • Allied Counter damage occurs only on enemy's turn, and Counter damage is enhanced by paybacked or chaosed Enfeeble.
  • Counter is not triggered if damage is nullified by Protect, or is neglected (0 final attack or flying)

TSkillIconEvade EvadeEdit

TAll Icon50% chance to negate the effects of an enemy Activation skill to this.
  • Does not work on non-Activation skills.
  • Does not work on skills that affect their own side, including Chaosed skills.
  • Crush is not an activation skill and hence cannot be dodged by Evade.

TSkillIconFlying FlyingEdit

TAll Icon50% chance to dodge attacks from non-Flying units.
  • Does not affect damage or effects from skills.
  • Counteracted by the Anti-Air skill.
  • Flying assaults have 100% proc hitting flying assaults as usual.
  • If the attacks are dodged by flying, associated enfeeble and all damage-dependent skills do not work, counting the attack as neglected.
  • Fear assaults when attacking, do not target assaults. Thus flying is neglected along with other defensive skills.

TSkillIconIntercept InterceptEdit

TAll Icon

If an adjacent Assault unit were (was) to be the target of an Enemy skill while this unit is not the target of the same skill, target this unit instead if this unit is a valid target.

(Only 1 Intercept per skill. If two possible Intercepts, oldest unit has priority.)

  • Intercept works only if the enemy skill is not targeting all assaults at once
  • Intercept will be activated as long as the assault is available. However, for each skill affected if two adjacent Intercept are available the leftmost one will activate, unless it is unavailable (such as Jammed)
  • If Intercept triggers, none of the defensive skills on the original assault will activate. Instead, all other defensive skills on the interceptor will come to act

TSkillIconPayback PaybackEdit

BloodthirstyWhen enemy uses an Activation skill on this (Other than Mimic), 50% chance to use same skill on the original enemy unit
  • Doesn't work against enemy structures and commanders.
  • Actually only Strike, Weaken, Enfeeble, Chaos and Jam are affected.
  • Payback will not be triggered if skill fails, including Jam failure or being Evaded.
  • If an assault has 0 or lower attack or is immobilized, when it uses weaken, payback cannot trigger towards it.
  • The abovementioned cards also cannot be targeted by weaken, and will not payback weaken.
  • Works even when Payback unit dies from Strike, or is Jammed.
  • Target All skills are Paybacked as Target Single skills.
  • Paybacked skill ignores faction restriction, but affected by protect, enfeeble, evade or other factors available.
  • Doesn't work against skills copied from enemy Payback.
  • Only the original effect will be paybacked, regardless of actual effect on defending assault with Enfeeble or Protect.

TSkillIconRefresh RefreshEdit

TAll IconAt the end of this unit's turn, restore all health to full.
  • Important: This skill does not trigger after the refresh card finishes its action, but after all the allied cards finish their actions, that is, at the end of the turn.
  • If the assault failed to refresh itself due to disease, but is cleansed by an assault to the right of it, the assault will refresh itself this turn.
  • Refresh is not activation but defensive skill, thus immune to mimic, jam, and is triggered before the timer runs out on the card.
  • Acts after poison, thus refresh poison assaults are able to regain full health after poison, but will die if their poison amount exceed their remaining health at beginning of turn.

TSkillIconRegenerate Regenerate XEdit

XenoWhen card health reaches zero, 50% chance of gaining back health.
  • X is the amount of health the unit has after this skill successfully triggers. Overkill damage does not affect health after this skill.
  • Does not affect the card timer.
  • A unit can regenerate more than once, even on the same turn.
  • Regeneration happens before the additional strikes from Flurry.
  • Regenerating does not prevent Crush damage, and does not nullify statuses (e.g. Poison).
  • Regenerate will trigger after On Death skills and corresponding chain end.

TSkillIconTribute TributeEdit

RighteousWhen another allied assault card uses an Activation skill on this(besides skills affected by Chaos), 50% chance to use that ability on the original unit.
  • Actually only Heal, Supply, Protect, Cleanse and Rally are affected.
  • If allied Assault unit with full Health, or diseased one uses Heal or Supply, Tribute will not be triggered.
  • If immobilized allied Assault unit uses Rally, Tribute will not be triggered.
  • Protect is not limited to trigger.
  • If an assault card cleanses an assault card with tribute but has no harmful status affects, Tribute will not be triggered.
  • Target All skills are Tributed as Target Single skill.
  • Tributed skill ignores faction restriction.
  • Tribute can be triggered on multiple cards at once, if a Target all skill is used on them.
  • Does not work on skills copied by Tribute.
  • If heal and supply would heal over the limit (e.g. Supply 2 on 7 HP Xanadu) The tributed skill does not change accordingly. Supply 2 in the case would still be tributed.

TSkillIconWall WallEdit

TAll IconAbsorbs damage dealt to the Commander and subtracts from own health.
  • Only found on Structures.
  • If there are multiple Walls the leftmost one will take damage from attacks first.
  • Does not take any statuses available to Assault cards.
  • Crush will attempt to damage the leftmost Wall if available.

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Combat modifiers affect a unit's attack. Note that these skills do not proc when a unit has 0 Attack or less. For example, an Anti-Air unit weakened to 0 base Attack will not attack despite its Anti-Air bonus.

Skill Major Users Description Notes

TSkillIconAntiAir Anti-Air XEdit

ImperialRaiderRighteous Always hits flying units and deals extra damage to them.
  • X is the amount of extra damage.
  • Antiair acts as an attack increase, which will still be reduced by protect and armor.

TSkillIconBurst BurstEdit

TAll Icon When this unit attacks, if the defending Assault unit's health is at max, this unit deals additional attack damage.
  • Similar to Valor but only available against assaults (see Valor related problems)

TSkillIconFear FearEdit

BloodthirstyXeno Attack Commander directly.
  • Cannot attack through enemy Walls, but can attack Walls directly, bypassing enemy Assault cards.
  • No defensive skills trigger for the opposing assault, because no attack is directed to it.
  • Cards only take Counter damage from Walls or the Commander they attack.

TSkillIconFlurry Flurry XEdit

ImperialRaiderBloodthirsty 50% chance to attack extra times in a turn.
  • X is the extra number of times the unit attacks if the skill triggers.
  • The unit makes either no extra attack or X extra attacks. So units with Flurry 2 will either attack once (no extra attack) or three times (2 extra attacks), but never twice (1 extra attack).
  • The extra attacks work exactly like the first, including any Combat-Modifier, Defensive (including Counter) and Damage-Dependent skills.
  • If the aligned enemy unit dies before all of the attacks are finished, the extra attacks hit the Commander (or Walls), even if there are more enemy units to the right. Walls being destroyed act similarly.
  • If assault dies from counter damage and cannot regenerate, or becomes unable to attack by On Attack skills, further attacks are terminated. If it regenerates flurry attack chain is continued.

TSkillIconPierce Pierce XEdit

TAll Icon Reduces the effect of enemy skills that prevent Attack Damage.
  • X is the amount of prevention being ignored.
  • If more prevention can be ignored than the total prevention enemy unit currently has (say Pierce 3 attack on Armored 1 unit targetted by Protect 1), assume zero Armor and zero Protection.
  • Pierce will not guarantee damage, it merely cancels Armor and Protect skills.

TSkillIconSwipe SwipeEdit

RaiderBloodthirsty When attacking an Assault unit this also attacks the adjacent enemy Assault units, if any.
  • Attacks against all adjacent units are normal attacks - i.e., they apply all other Combat-Modifier skills
  • Furthermore, Counter from all attacked units deals damage to the attacker.
  • Swipe won't proc unless an enemy Assault unit is aligned to the Swipe unit. However, empty adjacent slots won't cause Swipe unit to attack commander.
  • Swipe attack starts from the left, and terminates if unit dies from counter or becomes unable to attack by On Attacked skills.

TSkillIconValor Valor XEdit

Imperial Deals extra attack damage when enemy has more Assault cards in play than you have.
  • Each Valor attack checks total number of Assault units in play for both sides before procing.
  • Does not proc when both sides have equal number of Assault cards in play.
  • X is the extra damage done.
  • Valor acts as attack increase and can still be reduced by armor and protect.
  • Will deal extra damage even if it is not attacking assault. Please see Extra Info.


Damage-dependent skills affect enemies damaged by the unit's attack. This means that the attack has to actually deal at least 1 point of damage for these skills to work. These skills and damage resulting from them are not affected by Evade or Mimic.

Skill Major Users Description Notes

TSkillIconBerserk Berserk XEdit

BloodthirstyImperialWhen this unit deals attack damage, permanently raise Attack.
  • X is the amount the card's attack strength will be raised by.
  • The raised attack will be shown as green font at all time, except when being Weakened to base attack or less.
  • Works even on Walls and Commanders, unlike other Damage-Dependant skills.
  • Multiple successful attacks caused by Flurry will cause Berserk to activate that many times.

TSkillIconCrush Crush XEdit

TAll IconDamages the enemy Commander when the card destroys an enemy Assault card by attack damage.
  • X is the amount of damage dealt.
  • Crush damage is affected by Walls but not Counter.
  • Damage will be dealt even if the defending unit Regenerates or/and attacker dies from Counter damage.
  • Crush is not activation skill and the damage will not be prevented by Evade.

TSkillIconDisease DiseaseEdit

TAll IconAfter damaging an enemy from an attack, damaged Assault unit can no longer regain health.
  • Refresh and Leech and Regenerate are confirmed to be prevented.
  • Heal, Supply will still be usable, but never targeting the diseased assault.

TSkillIconImmobilize ImmobilizeEdit

ImperialRaiderXenoAfter damaging an enemy from an attack, 50% chance of preventing damaged Assault card from attacking.
  • Only stops normal attacks and skills based on attacking; does not stop Activation or passive skills.
  • Immobilized assault cards will not be targeted by rally. It does not prevent the card from using rally skills on the other cards though.
  • Immobilized assaults will no longer be target of single-target weakens.

TSkillIconLeech Leech XEdit

BloodthirstyHeals this card as it deals attack damage to an enemy Assault card.
  • The amount healed equals the amount of damage dealt or X, whichever is lower.
  • Cannot increase the unit's health above the starting amount.
  • Does not work on Walls or Commanders.
  • Takes effect after damage from Counter. Leecher cannot receive healing after death from Counter damage. Conversely, leech assaults are able to attain full health after counter damage.

TSkillIconPoison Poison XEdit

BloodthirstyXenoDamaged enemy Assault cards take damage at the beginning of its turn.
  • X is the amount of damage taken at the beginning of each enemy turn.
  • Units take Poison damage before being able to be Healed; or rather, before a card may be played.
  • Poison is affected by neither Enfeeble nor Protect.
  • The only way to remove poison is by using the cleanse skill.
  • Successive Poison effects replace weaker existing effects; otherwise there is no additional effect (does not stack).
  • Newly played Assault card does not fill in the slot left open by units dead from Poison damage.

TSkillIconSiphon Siphon XEdit

BloodthirstyHeals the Commander as this card deals attack damage to an enemy Assault card.
  • The amount healed equals the amount of damage dealt or X, whichever is lower.
  • Cannot increase the Commander's health above the starting amount.
  • Does not work on Walls or Commanders.
  • Contrary to Leech, Siphon will work even if unit is killed by Counter.
  • Healing is received after the unit finishes Flurry attacking and Swipe attacking, in the order of damage dealt.


Static Skills are always active. Currently skills of this type only appear in Raids.

Skill Major Users Description Notes

TSkillIconBlizzard BlizzardEdit

Righteous Allied Assault and Structure cards are hidden until active or destroyed.

TSkillIconFusion FusionEdit

Bloodthirsty When 3 or more cards with Fusion are active, double the effects of this card's skills.
  • Currently only appears in Blightbloom (Raid).
  • When Fusion activates, all three cards glow, and all skills affected by this are shown in green fonts.

TSkillIconMist MistEdit

Bloodthirsty Allied Assault and Structure cards are hidden until active or destroyed.


Destroyed Skills are one-off abilities that happen only on successful destruction of a card. Currently skills of this type only appear in Raids.

Skill Major Users Description Notes

TSkillIconBackfire Backfire XEdit

Imperial When this is destroyed, deal damage to own Commander.
  • X is the damage to be dealt to the Commander.
  • Currently only appears in Imperial Purger (Raid).
  • This skill has "On Death" modifier after release of Phobos, which is redundant.

Skill modifierEdit

Skill Major Users Description Notes

On DeathEdit

TAll Icon

(No official description)

The skill with this suffix will only be performed when the assault reaches 0 health.

  • Currently only available along with activation skills.
  • Skills with this suffix will not be target of Mimic.
  • Skills with this suffix will be performed even if the assault regenerates.
  • Activation skills with this suffix will be affected by Chaos and Jam.
  • Skills with this suffix will activate after Leech, and before any Regenerate.
  • Skill with this suffix will not activate payback, since Regenerate occurs after this skill, there is no target to payback even if it regenerates.

On PlayEdit

TAll Icon

(No official description)

The skill with this suffix will only be performed when the card is played, and the skill is treated as an action.

  • Since affected skills act as action, it takes the earliest order out of all cards on that turn. For example, Strike On Play will not be benefited from any enfeeble, but all damage toward enemies are benefited by Enfeeble On Play.
  • Currently only available along with activation skills.
  • Skills with this suffix will not be target of Mimic.
  • Skills with this suffix can trigger Payback and Tribute, since it has a source unit unlike a pure Action Card.
  • Skills with this suffix cannot be affect by chaos, since assaults cannot be chaos when newly played.

On Play On DeathEdit

TAll Icon

(No official description)

The skill with this suffix will change to two skills instead, one with On Play suffix and one with On Death suffix.

On AttackedEdit

TAll Icon

(No official description)

The skill with this suffix will only be performed when the card takes direct attack.

  • Currently only available along with activation skills and damage dependent skills.
  • Skills with this suffix will not be triggered by other skills like Strike, Crush or Shock.
  • Assault skills with this suffix will not trigger if Flying or Fear activates.
  • Skills with this suffix will not be target of Mimic.
  • Skills with this suffix will activate even if the card is killed by direct attack, however, in this case the skill will not target itself, which is similar to On Death suffix skills.
  • Skills with this suffix will activate even if the attack does no damage due to Armored or Protect.
  • Skills with this suffix will activate before Counter.
  • Damage dependent skills with this suffix cannot be affected, which act like defensive skills and always affect the attacker or defender itself.
  • Activation skills with this suffix act as normal activation skills, subject to tribute, payback, jam and chaos.

Extra infoEdit

Here are some less known facts and experimental results of the skills. Because they are hard to encounter and be used, they are extracted here.

Activation skillsEdit

  • Other than the basic rules of activation skills, like heal must target an assault without full health, the target(s) is/are selected completely randomly, for single target skills. These skills have no preference on Evade, Protect or any factor other than basic rules.
  • Until now, all supply, siege, repair on cards are targeting all factions. All other activation skills have their respective faction bound alternatives. Split targets the assault itself only.
  • If an assault is already weakened to 0 attack, the following acting cards will not attempt to weaken it. Examples include Cannon Walker versus Dracorex, in which only Actions or On Play skills (acts even quicker than Commander) can weaken the Cannon Walker to negative attack.
  • Assaults weakened to 0 or lower attack will be target of any rally, while immobilized ones will not be.
  • While no card consists of two skills of the same name (like Strike 1 twice), a few skills can cause other skills to be performed multiple times a turn, like Flurry (multiple Damage-dependent) and Mimic (extra Activation). Meanwhile, defensive skills are triggered much more frequently.
  • Unsuccessful Jam attempts will not show any animation, evade and payback are never triggered in the case.
  • An assault with Cleanse is not effectively immune to statuses, even one with Cleanse All is prone to "when attacked" skills.

Payback related problemsEdit

  • The probabilities of 50% proc stack (are multiplied) for each process. For example, if Stealth Niaq tries to Jam a no-evade payback assault, the jam has 50% proc, the paybacked jam has one eighth (Jam + Payback + Evade) chance of success.
  • Paybacked and Chaosed Enfeeble are the only ways where Cleanse can remove the enfeeble status on an ally assault.
  • As of activation skill standards, Payback can only activated in following limits: Jam - Once per turn, Weaken - Only if not Jammed or Immobilized, as long as attack doesn't go zero or lower, Strike - As long as assault doesn't die, Enfeeble - No limit.
  • Payback will trigger even if the assault is targeted by Strike, but the damage is totally blocked for having Protect on it, exceeding the strike (and possible enfeeble) magnitude.

Mimic related problemsEdit

  • When mimic targets a payback assault without activation skills, the mimic will do nothing. However if a mimic assault copies any harmful activation skill, and that activation skill acts onto the payback assault, the copied skill will be paybacked, although the probability is lower than directly using other activation skills on the payback assault.
  • When a mimic assault is chaosed, it will attempt to copy skills from an allied assault, ignoring its evade and having the chance to even mimic itself. All the available activation skills, helpful and harmful ones are copied. However, all skills will act onto the allied assaults, the more helpful skills the copied assault have, the better is the result to the chaos-affected side and the less effective to the chaos-using side. An example is a Xeno Mothership being mimicked, dealing Strike 2 to its side but getting Rally All 2 (Mimic ignores faction limit), which is mostly beneficial to chaosed-affected side. The harmful skills copied by this chaosed mimic still penetrates all evade of the allied assaults.
  • This chaosed mimic if copied any skill, will ignore faction limit, but the chaosed mimic itself is faction-bound, like in a Xeno only deck, if a Speculus is chaosed, the mimic is nullified.
  • Mimicked harmful skills does not trigger Tribute, as other skills when affected by Chaos.

Chaos related problemsEdit

  • If an assault is chaosed, all its activation skills will target the allies of it, contrast to targeting enemies for harmful skills. As such, all rules regarding these skills apply, like Jam not targeting already jammed allies. Because the assault is already chaosed, it will not target itself if it uses chaos skill.
  • None of obtainable cards have harmful skills that target their own faction only (e.g. No righteous card exists with Strike Righteous) This means, chaos on an assault with faction-bound harmful skills (like strike imperial 1) will only nullify the skill if the victim deck is a mono. Some assaults in Gore Typhon (Raid) are the exception, will harm their own cards, but are not obtainable.
  • If an assault is chaosed, and Jams itself before its other activation skills are used, further skills are terminated as well as the attack, an example is Nimbus, in which it will not weaken its allies if it Jams itself after it is chaosed.

Valor related problemsEdit

  • In very rare cases, if a valor assault attacks, the opposing side has more assaults than the attacker side, but there is no opposing assault to the valor one (mainly caused by Strike or Strike All, or Avatar's flurry), this skill still procs, and will deal extra damage to structures or commander if available.
  • Another case is Valor and Fear combination, where Valor may proc even if this assault is not attacking the opposite assault at all.

Enfeeble related problemsEdit

  • Enfeeble only lasts one turn, regardless of normal enfeeble, on attack, on play or on death. When enfeeble is applied on any enemy turn, it fades at the end of that turn, and can only enhance damage for counter damage from your cards, chaosed strike towards enemies, and paybacked strike damage towards enemies.
  • Enfeeble acts opposite to Protect in effect, but do not cancel out each other by removing both statuses. Cleanse can remove all Enfeeble, while Protect is not affected at all.

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