This page contains organization information for the Oluth Raid.

Organization Edit

The following table assumes the following:

  • All seats are occupied at the very first minute of the raid.
  • All members start at 0 energy and do not use energy refill.
  • No member has leveled up during the whole course of the raid.
  • All members are winning every battle.
  • Each victory scores 20 damage.
  • Each member stops at 700 damage.
Boss health 4000
Damage per member 200
Battles 200
Battles per member 10
Maximum damage per member 720
Maximum honor per member 75
Time required to achieve maximum honor 5hr50min
Time limit 6hrs
Total honor available 430
Maximum number of members who can achieve maximum honor 5

Having a time limit of only six hours, players who join an Oluth raid late will not be able to contribute as much damage as they could have. Hence it is of greater value to have 6 capable dedicated players joining an Oluth raid at the first minute, both for the individual members in the way of potential honor and the raid as a whole in the way of potential victory.

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