This page contains the analysis for the Blightbloom Raid.



Fusion doubles the power of the card's other skills if at least three cards with Fusion are active. Three structure cards in the enemy deck have the Fusion skill. If these three cards activate, the structures will perform the following skills every turn:

  • Heal All 2
  • Repair All 2
  • Siege All 2
  • Strike All 2
  • Weaken All 2

The chance of all three Fusion cards being among the first four in the enemy deck is less than 1%, so the player will more often than not have at least seven turns before Fusion is able to activate.

Repair AllEdit

The enemy deck will contain no more than four structures which can potentially be repaired with Repair All.

Weak CommanderEdit

With Heal All Bloodthirsty 2 and Repair All 1, Blightbloom is a weak commander when compared against other raids, the exception being Malika from Arctis Vanguard.

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