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Tournament TypesEdit

There are two tournaments running at any given time, one with a 2-hour duration, the other with a 23-hour duration. Each tournament is picked randomly from a list of possible tournaments with that duration. The lists are constructed so that each tournament has the same odds of having either a Gold or War Bond buy-in, and the same odds of being either standard or sealed. The current tournament types, buy-ins, packs, and remaining time are visible at any given time, as well as the next tournament types and packs. However, tournament rankings and rewards are only visible to players who had joined the tournament.

Standard TournamentsEdit

Standard tournaments allow the player to use their own decks. Although the game interface labels these tournaments as Standard, the Developers and the game XML data frequently refer to these tournaments as Constructed tournaments.

Sealed TournamentsEdit

Sealed tournaments give each player four packs from which to construct the tournament deck; the types of the packs depend on the tournament. Before opening the packs, the player may elect to pay extra Gold or War Bonds, depending on the pack types, to keep the cards after the tournament. The total cost of entering the tournament is equal to the cost of buying the packs directly, if choosing to keep the cards (though the player may win back Gold or War Bonds from the tournament, making this an attractive alternative to buying packs directly). However, the extra cost of keeping the cards does not contribute to the tournament pot. The player is also provided with a Lord Alexander commander card to use in case no commander is drawn from the four packs, but does not get to keep said card after the tournament has ended.

2-Hour TournamentsEdit

The Buy-In and Buy-In (Keep Cards) columns have been made to mirror the appearance of the Buy-In amounts displayed within the game interface.

Type Packs Buy-In Buy-In (Keep Cards) Weight
StandardN/A5War BondsN/A1
Sealed4 Gold Packs5KGold20KGold3
Sealed4 Enclave Packs5KGold40KGold3
Sealed2 Gold Packs, 2 Enclave Packs5KGold30KGold3
Sealed4 Nexus Packs10KGold100KGold3
Sealed4 Blight Packs10KGold120KGold3
Sealed4 Purity Packs10KGold160KGold3
Sealed4 Homeworld Packs10KGold200KGold3
Sealed4 Phobos Packs10KGold240KGold3
Sealed2 Phobos Packs, 2 Phobos Aftermath Packs10KGold240KGold3
Sealed4 Awakening Packs10KGold320KGold3
Sealed4 Terminus Packs10KGold400KGold3
Sealed4 Occupation Packs5War Bonds100War Bonds1
Sealed4 Worldship Packs5War Bonds100War Bonds1

23-Hour TournamentsEdit

The Buy-In and Buy-In (Keep Cards) columns have been made to mirror the appearance of the Buy-In amounts displayed within the game interface.

Type Packs Buy-In Buy-In (Keep Cards)
StandardN/A5War BondsN/A
Sealed4 Gold Packs5KGold20KGold
Sealed4 Enclave Packs5KGold40KGold
Sealed4 Nexus Packs5War Bonds100War Bonds
Sealed4 Blight Packs5War Bonds100War Bonds
Sealed4 Purity Packs5War Bonds100War Bonds
Sealed4 Homeworld Packs5War Bonds100War Bonds
Sealed4 Homeworld Packs10KGold240KGold
Sealed4 Phobos Packs5War Bonds100War Bonds
Sealed2 Phobos Packs, 2 Phobos Aftermath Packs5War Bonds100War Bonds
Sealed4 Awakening Packs5War Bonds100War Bonds



It costs no Energy or Stamina to fight a match; thus, players may play as many matches as they wish, limited only by the duration of the tournament. Any matches which are still in progress when the tournament ends are allowed to finish. The final rankings are released only when all matches have completed.

Match MechanicsEdit

Tournament matches are played live against another player. One player is chosen by the game to go first. The first card played by the former player does not count down its timer on its first turn. A 0-drop Assault still gets to act immediately, as do Action Cards and the Commander. All other cards played by the first player and all cards played by the second player count down as normal. The same deck is used regardless of whether the player goes first or second.

When it is their turn, a given player is shown a countdown timer for a specified number of seconds during which they can select a card to play. If the timer expires, a card is automatically chosen from the player's hand and played by the game.

A draw occurs when 50 turns have passed and neither Commander has been destroyed.

Players can change decks as often as they wish, but only between matches.


At the conclusion of a match, ratings are adjusted. The winner gains rating, while the loser loses rating. The more rating the winner had before the match relative to the loser, the smaller the rating gain/loss. The more rating the loser had before the match relative to the winner, the larger the rating gain/loss. On a draw there is no change to either player's rating and no rating gained/lost.

At the conclusion of a Tournament, once all relevant matches are finished, rankings are determined by the following order:

  • Rating of the tournament (descending order)
  • Number of matches played by the players with equal rating (descending order)
  • Account ID of the hosting platform of the players with equal rating and equal number of matches played (ascending order)


The game automatically removes 30% of the total buy-ins. The rest goes into a pot and is divided as follows:

Rank Buy-In Pot Share Reward Cards Capacitors
Top 1% 10% 1 Uncommon, 1 Rare 3
Top 5% 20% 1 Uncommon, 1 Rare 2
Top 10% 20% 1 Uncommon, 1 Rare 1
Top 25% 25% 1 Uncommon, 1 Rare 0.75
Top 50% 25% 1 Uncommon 0.5
Bottom 50% 0% 1 Uncommon 0
Tournament Rewards
TRanger Lieutenant
TStealth Dispatcher
TRecurring Darkness
TNoxious Den


Achievement Type Description Gold Reward Card Reward
Excellent Finish! Tournament Ranking Place in the top 1% of a Tournament (min 100 Players). +5000Gold Apollo
Freaky Excellent Finish! Tournament Ranking Place in the top 1% of a Tournament (min 100 Players; Unlocked by completing "Excellent Finish" sic). +5000Gold Hades
Freaky Good Finish Tournament Ranking Place in the top 10% of a Tournament (min 10 Players). +2500Gold Psycho
Good Finish Tournament Ranking Place in the top 10% of a Tournament (min 10 Players). +2500Gold
Great Finish Tournament Ranking Place in the top 5% of a Tournament (min 20 Players). +5000Gold
Tournament Amateur Tournament Participation Enter a Tournament. +500Gold
Tournament Pro Tournament Participation Enter 100 Tournaments. +5000Gold Viper
Tournament Regular Tournament Participation Enter 20 Tournaments. +2500Gold
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