Player Factions

This article is about Player Factions. Information concerning Inherent Factions can be found here.

Player FactionsEdit


A faction is Tyrant's Multiplayer vs Multiplayer gameplay. It's a place people can chat, help each other out with their decks, and fight against other Factions. The level of a Faction determines how many members it can have, and the more Faction Points (Faction Points) it earns, the higher level it becomes. Faction level and Loyalty Points (Loyalty Points) determine what cards a Faction member can buy from the rewards store, and factions are ranked by the amount of Faction Points they have. Faction Points can be earned by winning Faction Wars or Faction Conquest tiles.

Faction BenefitsEdit

Members with less experience in the game may ask for suggestions for improving their decks from members with more experience in the game. Members can test these decks against each other in the Faction Member overview screen as well as use them in Faction Wars and provide feedback to the rest of the faction on how well the decks are working. It is in the best interest of the faction that all of the members are capable players.

As the total Faction Points increase and reach pre-defined levels, the Faction will advance to a higher level.

Various reward cards in the store which can be purchased with Gold are unlocked when the member's total Loyalty Points and the Faction's Level reach pre-defined amounts.

Joining a FactionEdit

Known methods to join (or apply) a Faction:

  1. Simply create one in the Factions section of the game, for 10000Gold.
  2. In the Factions section of the game, a selection of random Factions which are openly recruiting are listed. Click the "Join" button of a Faction to apply.
  3. Search for links. Faction members can copy the invite link from the top of "Info" -> "Members" screen and paste it to somewhere or the other, so other players can click to apply directly, without risking the RNG of the game's picking. (The game will be loaded again upon clicking, it needs to be launched successfully for the application to be submitted.)

While players can technically apply to join a Faction at any time, many of the active Factions will have pre-requisites to accepting an applicant. This can include player level, card collection make-up, missions completed, achievements completed and the applicant's Activity Level (how often s/he will be actively participating in the Faction and its endeavours, such as Faction Wars, Raids, etc.).


The 300 Factions with the highest total Faction Points will be listed within the game, ordered first by total Faction Points descending, then by Faction name descending. The rankings are updated every half an hour.


Loyalty points are earned at the rate of 1Loyalty Points per win in a Faction-related battle. These points, in conjunction with Faction Level, unlock various Faction Reward Cards in the Store. A player's loyalty is bound to the player's Faction membership. If the player leaves a Faction or is kicked from one, the player's loyalty will reset to zero.

Faction LevelsEdit

Faction Level Faction Points Required Max Members
1 0 15
2 100 20
3 250 25
4 400 30
5 600 35
6 800 40
7 1,000 45
8 1,250 50
9 1,500 50
10 1,800 50
11 2,100 50
12 2,450 50
13 2,800 50
14 3,200 50
15 3,600 50
16 4,000 50
17 4,500 50
18 5,000 50
19 5,600 50
20 6,200 50
Unlocked Reward Faction Level LoyaltyLoyalty Points Gold
TBlinding Apprentice Blinding Apprentice21001,000
TPolluted Blaster Polluted Blaster21501,500
TFull Power Full Power34005,000
TTrident Trident47507,500
TPetrol Rig Petrol Rig51,00010,000
TBarracuda Barracuda51,50015,000
TSolitary Mech Solitary Mech51,50025,000
TSharpshooter Sharpshooter62,00015,000
TMobile Extractor Mobile Extractor72,00015,000
TWarehouse Warehouse82,00015,000
TRavenous Dredge Ravenous Dredge82,00050,000
TSmash and GrabSmash and Grab92,00015,000
TRazor Razor102,00015,000
TNightmare Nightmare102,00015,000
TOzeous Ozeous102,00075,000
TEqualizer Equalizer112,50015,000
TWasteland Skimmer Wasteland Skimmer122,50015,000
TSavior Savior122,500100,000
TArachnous Arachnous132,50015,000
TShrouded Defiler Shrouded Defiler142,50015,000
TEmergency Fire Emergency Fire152,50015,000
TTurbo Commando Turbo Commando152,50015,000
TDivinator Divinator163,00020,000
TAssailant Assailant173,00020,000
TMongrel Mongrel183,00020,000
TRampage Rampage193,00020,000
TWidowmaker Widowmaker203,00025,000

(source) Unlocked reward cards may be purchased in the Store.


  • Player Factions added in or prior to version 1.2.15.
  • Player Faction Q&As credited to Hotshot2k4 on Kongregate.
  • Player Faction Level cap increased from 10 to 11 in version 1.7.81, from 11 to 15 in version 1.9.10, from 15 to 20 in version 2.0.29
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