The Tyrant Arena is where players can use one of their own decks and fight battles against the defensive decks of other players. Also, players can fight battles against themselves ("practice battles"), choosing one deck for offense and one deck for defense. The game plays the role of the defender in all cases, using the opponent's deck.

Up to 10 Arena points may be earned per victory, and up to 10 Arena points are lost per defeat depending on the difference between the ranking of the attacker and the defender. If the defender is ranked lower, the attacker will lose points. If the defender is ranked higher, the attacker will not lose any points. The attacker will never lose or gain points if attacking their own deck in a "practice battle".

(The following text describes the old arena mechanics) Each reloading of the game page will generate a limited list of players for challenging, and the players included belong to divisions of no worse than the querying player's. Also, the list is occassionally updated even if the game page is not reloaded. As an example, a player with 5000 points (Platinum Division) will only see players with 5000 points, as Platinum is the best of all divisions.

//Has been reported that players can face rivals of lower or higher division (ie. copper meeting gold at arena).

Attacking the same opponent repeatedly within a short period of time will result in a reduction to the points awarded upon victory. After five such battles, a victory will not award any points and the player must choose a different opponent in order to gain further points.

However, losing repeatly to the same opponent will not eventually stop the point deduction, unless the attacker reachs lower point than the defender.

Arena RewardsEdit

New players to the Arena start in the Copper Division. Reward Cards are unlocked for purchase in the Store by accumulating enough points to reach the following Arena divisions.

Note: Losing arena points to fall below a certain division, will cause the cards in the original division to be relocked.

Unlocked Reward Arena Division Arena Points Gold
TShock Grunt Shock GruntBronze100-499300
TSawblade SawbladeBronze100-499100
TMarksman MarksmanBronze100-499300
TOrbo OrboSilver500-24993,500
TBlood Wall Blood WallSilver500-24993,500
TSanguiphage SanguiphageSilver500-24991,250
TMorgan MorganGold2500-499915,000
TMayumi MayumiGold2500-499915,000
THornet Drones Hornet DronesGold2500-499915,000
TTitan TitanPlatinum5000-599915,000
TKraken KrakenPlatinum5000-599915,000
TObsidian ObsidianPlatinum5000-599915,000
TThunder Crag Thunder CragPlatinum II6000-749925,000
TRealm Traverser Realm TraverserPlatinum II6000-749990,000
TScarab ScarabPlatinum III750050,000

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