This mission becomes available after completing Mission 193, takes place in Shattered Coast and costs 17Energyper attempt. Each victory in this mission gives the player 7Reputation PointstowardsPurveyors of Shadows, 281Goldand 52Experience Points. At the 8th victory the player gets 1125Goldinstead of 281Gold, as well as a copy of Chaos Scab.

Mission 194
TVengar M194
TFeral Scorpion
TPlasma Slurper
TSnap Seeper
TRazogoth Reborn
TRazogoth's Heir
TSkin Carver
THeadless Stalker
TRelinquish Power
Use this page for strategies.
For information about grindingGold, materials,Reputation PointsandExperience Points, see this page.

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