Raw DataEfficienciesPreviousMissionswith
better efficiency
better efficiency
Goldpayout29416.3333GoldperEnergyMission 169Mission 178
Experience Pointspayout553.0556Experience PointsperEnergyDouble Trouble 4Mission 178
Reputation Pointspayout 10Champions of Hope0.5556Reputation PointsperEnergyDoes Not ExistMission 178

Meaning: Whatever resource this mission has to offer, there are missions with better grinding ratios.

Top ChoiceEdit

Supported Mantis Spam
by Cid2
TLucina the Wicked
TMonsoon X
TRavenous Dredge
TRadiant Dawnbringer
TBulging Mantis
TBulging Mantis
TBulging Mantis
TBulging Mantis
TBulging Mantis
Evaluate Decks test results. How to use this table.
Version Parameters Tester Win Rate Deck Author 10 million battles Cid2 99.47% As shown Cid2

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