Raw DataEfficienciesPreviousMissionswith
better efficiency
better efficiency
Goldpayout41316.52GoldperEnergyMission 169Double Trouble 4
Experience Pointspayout773.08Experience PointsperEnergyMission 169Double Trouble 4

Meaning: Whatever resource this mission has to offer, there are missions with better grinding ratios.

Note: This is the only mission where Trouble Annihilator can be completed.

Top ChoiceEdit

Lance Rider Spam
by Cid2
TAbominable Raksha
TPatrol Cruiser
TRugged Nomad
TLance Rider
TLance Rider
TLance Rider
TLance Rider
TLance Rider
TLance Rider
TLance Rider
Evaluate Decks test results. How to use this table.
Version Parameters Tester Win Rate Deck Author 10 million battles Cid2 99.90% As shown Cid2

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