The Tyrant Home Page

This is the main page of Tyrant. You can customize your decks, view your cards, look at your achievements, and see your friends. Also, under the three monthly Promotional cards are links to News (latest promos), Achievements, Reputation, and Cards, which allows you to see what you have gained in certain areas of the game.

Alliance IncomeEdit


Alliance Income and Daily Chance

Alliance Income is the daily gold you receive for logging into the game. The amount is 100Gold plus an additional 100Gold for each of your first 15 Tyrant Friends (Alliance Members).

Alliance income is currently only available on the Facebook platform.

Daily ChanceEdit

Main article: Tyrant/Daily Chance

Deck ManagementEdit

Main article: Decks


This view is automatically opened when the game loads.

When opened, three Promotional cards are displayed for purchase on this page. New cards are added about once a month and previous cards are locked away in the Elite Vault.

Currently displayed cards (which cost 20War Bonds) have been known to also appear within the Elite Vault at a cost of 25War Bonds.


Main article: Tyrant/Achievements


Main article: Tyrant/Reputation



A player's basic information

This view, when accessed, displays four aspects of the player:

  • Basic information. This is the location where you can challenge said player in an Arena battle, standard you-go-first battle or surge.
  • Card collection, sorted by the Sets the individual cards belong to. This is the location where you can see which cards said player has at least one of and which cards are missing from said player's Collection.
  • Achievements (and their state of completion).
  • Level of Reputation Points with the various inherent factions within the game.


  • Alliance Income (Facebook only) and Daily Chance were added in or prior to version 1.2.15.
  • The daily chance was modified to include varying amounts of War Bonds and Gold in or prior to version 1.3.50.

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