This article concerns Inherent Factions within Tyrant. Information on Player Factions can be found here.

Inherent FactionsEdit

Two types of inherent Factions exist in the world of Tyrant: Battle Factions and Locality Factions.

Battle FactionsEdit

There are five (5) inherent Battle Factions within Tyrant, represented by the following icons:

  • Imperial Imperial
  • Raider Raider
  • Bloodthirsty Bloodthirsty
  • Xeno Xeno
  • Righteous Righteous

Locality FactionsEdit

Reputation (Reputation Points) can be earned with the Locality Factions listed below. These Factions are supported when battles are won within certain missions. Reward cards are unlocked as Reputation Points with a given Faction is improved (Reputation Points are increased).

Title Icon Title Icon Title Icon
Arctis Vanguard Arctis Vanguard Tyrol's Champions Tyrol's Champions Blood Shield Blood Shield
The Protectorate The Protectorate The Outriders The Outriders Forsaken Ones Forsaken Ones
The Purge The Purge Tartarus Pact Tartarus Pact New Order New Order
Retribution Retribution Honored Credo Honored Credo Obliterators Obliterators
Heretic Nation Heretic Nation Chaos Squad Chaos Squad New Beginnings New Beginnings
Sovereign Supporters Sovereign Supporters League of Vicars League of Vicars Champions of Hope Champions of Hope
Purveyors of Shadows Purveyors of Shadows


  • "Battle Factions" is used here to describe the five (5) factions in which the cards are classified as indicated by the selection filters when editing a playing deck.
  • Battle Factions were indicated on the cards since Day 1. Version 1.1.22 introduced a Faction filter when editing Decks.
  • The Righteous Battle Faction was introduced to Tyrant on version 1.9.9.
  • Prior to the Nexus expansion, there were five (5) Locality Factions (February 2011).
  • The following Locality Factions were introduced in the Nexus Expansion, version 1.5.2: Forsaken Ones and The Purge.
  • The following Locality Factions were introduced in the Blight Expansion, version 1.7.2: Tartarus Pact and New Order.
  • The following Locality Factions were introduced in the Purity Expansion, version 1.9.9: Retribution, Honored Credo and Obliterators.
  • The following Locality Factions were introduced in the Homeworld Expansion, version 1.10.1: Chaos Squad, Heretic Nation and New Beginnings.
  • The following Locality Factions were introduced in the Phobos Expansion, version 2.0.0: Sovereign Supporters and League of Vicars.
  • Champions of Hope was introduced in the Phobos Aftermath Expansion, version 2.0.43.
  • Purveyors of Shadows was introduced alongside Awakening Missions, at version 2.2.21.
  • Locality Factions are not officially termed "factions" in the game, however they do represent a type of Faction for which loyalty (or rather, reputation) can be earned.
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