Achievement name: Enemy Misfire
Type: Conditional Mission Victory
Requirements: None
Description: Defeat Mission 120 or higher after using Mimic, Chaos, and Payback at least 3 times each.
Reward for completion: Chaos Swarm and 3000Gold
TChaos Swarm

Testing Required

Evaluate Decks version or newer with the appropriate Check achievement requirements feature enabled is now required for proper testing of all applicable achievements. If any combination of Summon and on Attacked is involved, EDv31 is the oldest allowed evaluator.


Solution Decks

Cheap Misfire
by Yet_another_wiki_user
TMobile Command
TPatrol Cruiser
TLumbering Ogre
TComSat Terminal
TMech Aid
THarbor Command
TSignal Towers
TRaging Prowler
Evaluate Decks test results. How to use this table.
Version Parameters Tester Win Rate Deck Author 1 million battles against Mission 128
Chaos, Mimic, Payback: 3 procs
Yet_another_wiki_user 45.45% As shown Yet_another_wiki_user 1 million battles against Mission 128
Cards Played In Order
Chaos, Mimic, Payback: 3 procs
Yet_another_wiki_user 58.90% As shown Yet_another_wiki_user

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