War MetalEdit

Special Ability
Flames of Magmos: Chance to deal massive damage and spew fire, dealing extra damage against Armored units

Crushing Blow: Chance to deal massive damage and prevent up to 2 enemy Structures from entering battle

Quality: Orange
Attack Defense
80 75

This unit can be obtained through the Collection (Units) by acquiring the following:


Flames of MagmosEdit

  • Proc rate: 50%
  • Damage: 8-22
  • Avg damage: 7.5
  • Damage per Armored: 0.625-1.875
  • Avg damage per Armored: 0.625

Crushing BlowEdit

  • Proc rate: 40%
  • Damage: 4-12
  • Avg damage: 3.2
  • On proc: Jams up to two Structures


Titan is available to Tyrant players as an Arena Reward.

  • Unlocking Requirements: 5000 Rating from Arena (will be relocked if you drop below this rating)
  • Cost: 15000Gold
Tyrant: Titan


Set: Reward
Quality: Unique Rare
Faction: Imperial
Timer: 4 Turns
3 9
Armored 2
Strike 3
Siege 3


TTitan b4 2 3 0
  • Prior to version 2.3.0, this card had only 8 Health, and had no Armor.

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