Team Boss is a Tyrant Player Faction on Kongregate

Membership requirements:

  • Active participation on a weekly basis
  • Continually improve offensive and defensive decks
  • Player level 20 (negotiable if the applicant shows dedication in improving his level)

Team Boss maintains a spreadsheet for the faction, which members can use to track their battle history and improve their decks. This is also used as a tool to identify and remove members who do not participate or perform at acceptable levels.

Team Boss holds weekly team meetings to discuss faction procedures, policies, and direction. Our membership controls the factions future through direct interaction and voting.

We have weekly recognition awards for the most valuable members of the team. Congratulations to hoppinggoblin, our most recent weekly award winner, and congratulations to Mirandil, our 2 month MVP.

We actively assist in member development, provide opportunities to participate in faction wars, and assist one another with raids.

  • Faction Level: 12

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