T-46 Leonidas was available to Tyrant players as part of a GameStop promotion. This card can only be found on the Kongregate version of the game. Since version 1.7.54, selling of this card is disallowed.

Tyrant: T-46 Leonidas

TT-46 Leonidas

Set: Exclusive
Quality: Unique Rare
Faction: Imperial
Timer: 3 Turns
3 6
Armored 1
Strike 2


Said promotion started on July 28, 2011, available exclusively to US residents playing the Kongregate version of Tyrant. The promotion ended on September 1, 2011. A player had to link their Gamestop Powerup Rewards card to their Kongregate account before the end of the promotion to recieve the card. It is one of the currently unobtainable cards in the game. It is also the only card that doesn't show up in any of the collections when viewing your cards under Home, Cards.

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