Stim Packs were introduced into the game in May 2010. Initially giving a max refill of 125% of Energy and 125% of Stamina, Stim Packs were optimized when both Stamina and Energy were at zero (0). Packs were available to send to a suggested Alliance member/Facebook Friend, and suggestions were often directed to low level players.

Early Stim PacksEdit

The player could dismiss the suggestion for players they didn't wish to send Stim Packs to by clicking "No Thanks". Clicking "Send Stim Pack" would prompt for a post to the player's Facebook wall. This post would only work if the player had authorized for friends to post to their wall. These could be received by clicking on the wall post or on a link on the Home page within the game. With the unreliability of this method, Stim Packs were discontinued and discussion regarding availability and usability continued on the proposal threads in the game Discussion Board.

Stim Packs RevisedEdit

With the Gifting updates on 29 May 2010, improved Stim Packs were released. Stim Packs are given daily at reset (Midnight GMT Winter Hours); a limit of 7 Stim Packs may be held at any one time; unstackable when received; and receiving link above the pocket cash and Treasury link. Refill is 125% of Energy and 125% of Stamina.


  • The original May 2010 revision of Stim Packs was to include the potential to receive Stim Packs randomly from Missions; a limit of 2 per day; stackable for use in Kraken, Titan, and other Epic Bosses. It was to be expected that a player will use approximately 200 Energy to get one Stim Pack.
  • On 29 May 2010, Stim Packs available were limited to two to be held for use; this was changed on 1 July 2010 to allow up to 7 Stim Packs to accumulate.
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