Snake Order is a Tyrant Player Faction on Kongregate.

Snake OrderEdit

22 Feb 2012 - 22 Feb 2015. Top-3 in CR and FR. >3000 victories (90% winrate).

Alliance: Urban Myth, Prestige Zeals

Rivalry: Order of Death, Electro Magnetic Ponies, Legion of Doom, Zen Dynamics

Cold war: Ghost Walking, Better World, Pwnersaurus Rex, Grizzy Bairs
Snake Order

Snake Order Logo

Notable membersEdit

Lazarev Viktor, Working Boy Pete, Vizzeron, PutNickHere0rig, Thisiscrazybird, GutterPunk69, LonewolfRnB, ArchKemal, Odtypuj, Gruenwalski, Blehbleh80, Antitourisse, Vanlee, Mailman32, Undercover70, UrbanTrainer, DiFyFo, ice_cream_dude, DaMalefitz, Magmablue, Andrey_X, Keon1995, Smok44, Piqueasso, Hko2006, Lesbo, Eastt, Ghashvorie, AhmedA47, Ragshiga, Whiskeybreeze, CommanderQuacks, Musensohn, CommanderNorton, Tyrantsux, DePayens, Hmmz, JoJo2

Comics Edit

Cartoon Edit

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