Ragnarok, The World-Ender
Unique Vindicator
Special Ability
Thunderous Rally: Chance to increase assault damage by 25%.

Maelstrom: Chance to deal massive flurry damage.

Eternal Resolve: Chance to prevent up to four jams

Origin: Collection
Quality: Orange
Attack Defense
500 200

Not to be confused with the Tyrant card of the same name.

War MetalEdit

Introduced October 2011, along with the Mortifex Epic Boss, Ragnarok requires the following tokens to obtain:

  • 120 Mortifex
  • 60 Fallen Hero


Thunderous RallyEdit

  • Proc rate: 60%
  • Damage: N/A
  • On proc: Increases all assault unit damage by 25%


  • Proc rate: 60%
  • Damage: 3-9
  • Number of hits: 5
  • Avg dmg/attack: 18

Eternal ResolveEdit

  • Proc rate: 60%
  • Damage: N/A
  • On proc: Prevent four jams

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