War MetalEdit

Special Ability
Assault: Chance to deal massive damage.

Battle Roar: Chance to cause damage and increase Attack by 10%.

Origin: Barracks
Quality: Purple
Attack Defense
48 38

The Nightstalker becomes available for purchase in the Barracks after attaining 16000 Combat Rating.


Battle RoarEdit

  • Proc chance: 25%
  • Damage: 2-6
  • Average damage per attack: 1
  • Additional Effects on Proc: Attack +10%

When Nightstalker's Battle Roar procs, it will produce TWO messages.

Your Nightstalker increased damage by 10%
Your Nightstalker used Battle Roar, increasing Attack by 10%!

While Nightstalker does in fact raise attack by 10%, various unit tests on units where a 10% damage boost would be seen (5+ since the game rounds damage to the nearest whole number) have shown that unit damage does NOT get boosted by 10% despite the claim. The Devs were notified several times about this and never responded to the issue. Recent probing into the Units and Skills XMLs have confirmed that the Nightstalker's Battle Roar does have a <support_bonus> tag attached, but lacks <unit_type> and <unit_subtype> tags.

It was speculated that since the damage boost message appeared at the same time that units like Stormrunner received a boost (changing from +15% infantry attack to +15% infantry damage), the Devs toyed with boosting Nightstalker, but decided against it while failing to remove the <support_bonus> tag, causing the damage boost message to stay.


  • Proc chance: 50%
  • Damage: 3-9
  • Average damage per attack: 3


Nightstalker is available to Tyrant players through Gold Packs.

Tyrant: Nightstalker


Set: Standard
Quality: Uncommon
Faction: Raider
Timer: 3 Turns
4 6
This card has no skills.

This card is summoned by Gearhead on Death.

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