War MetalEdit

Malgoth the Cannibal
Unique Vindicator
Special Ability
Force: Health increased by 80
Devour Flesh: Chance to deal massive damage and prevent healing

Bloodroar: Chance to increase Bloodthirsty damage by 50% Cannibalize: Chance to heal for each Bloodthirsty unit

Quality: Orange
Attack Defense
280 150
This Vindicator can be obtained through the Collection by acquiring the following:


Devour FleshEdit

  • Proc rate: 60%
  • Damage: 11-33
  • Avg dmg/attack: 13.2
  • Healing prevented: 20
  • Avg anti-heal/attack: 12


  • Proc rate: 60%
  • On proc: Increases Bloodthirsty damage by 50%


  • Proc rate: 60%
  • Healing per Bloodthirsty: 2.5
  • Avg healing/Bloodthirsty: 1.5



Malgoth is available to Tyrant players through Gold Packs.

Tyrant: Malgoth


Set: Standard
Quality: Legendary
Faction: Bloodthirsty
Timer: 3 Turns
1 7
Heal All Bloodthirsty 1
Rally All Bloodthirsty 1
Malgoth can be upgraded using 100000 Gold. As a Legendary it does not require another copy of the card but does have the increased Gold cost. Doing so raises its Rally All Bloodthirsty ability to 2 and its Health to 10.

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