Not to be confused with the Lernaean Hydra War Metal Epic Boss, or the Lernaean Hydra Tyrant Raid.

War MetalEdit

Lernaean Hydra
Special Ability
Hydra Shield: Chance to increase Defense by 25%

Guardian Lance: Chance to deal massive damage

Quality: Orange
Attack Defense
250 800

This unit can be obtained through the Collection (Units) by acquiring the following:


Hydra ShieldEdit

  • Proc rate: 50%
  • On proc: Increases Defense by 25%

Guardian LanceEdit

  • Proc rate: 60%
  • Damage: 7-21
  • Avg damage: 8.4
Naval Units
Admiral Helo ~ Aquabat ~ Barracuda ~ Echo Hunter ~ Hydroblade ~ Navy SpecOps ~ Orca ~ Piranha ~ Poseidon
Razor ~ Siren ~ Trident

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