Bloodthirsty Infantry
Special Ability
Hacksaw: Change to deal damage.
Origin: The Blightlands
Quality: Purple
Attack Defense
60 40

War MetalEdit

On 17 September 2010, the Lacerator was introduced for acquisition in the Containment mission in The Blightlands. It is more or less identical to Blood Grunt in Tyrant.


  • Proc rate: 50%
  • Damage range: 3-7
  • Avg dmg/attack: 2.5


With Peacekeepers and other superior infantry units in later mission tiers, Lacerators will have a limited life in you active force layout. However, they do make for a good reinforcement unit for Brood Mother in PvP battles, especially if you do not have any other Bloodthirsty units such as those acquired with War Chips.

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