Iron Fist Sect (IFS) is a Tyrant Player Faction on Kongregate.

On January 24, 2012, IFS became the #1 ranked Kongregate faction, overtaking Men of Mayhem, and with the exception of 2 days (and a 2 hour glitch), remained there for five months, losing the position to a reformed Men of Mayhem in late June. With over 2100 total wars and 1300 wins, IFS is one of the oldest and most experienced factions in Tyrant. It was also the first faction to reach level 14.

The current success of IFS can be attributed to its active recruitment and fruitful mergers most notably that of Elements and Cloud Nine (both are now disbanded).

IFS is led by Beefhouse3D, who (as of March 22, 2012) has more loyalty points than any other player and is a former Elements member. It's officer Hoshisack and former officer Showza18 are both former Cloud-9 officers.

On April 9, 2012, Iron Fist Sect became the first faction to reach level 15, and for a few days, it was not able to gain faction points from wars until Tyrant was updated to handle higher level factions.

IFS was the sole surviving member of "the Alliance" in what has been called the "World War II" of Tyrant. In the course of three days, IFS lost 300 faction points to several alliances which were latter disbanded and most of the player accounts banned for "botting."

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