A variant of Hades is encountered in Night of Terror 4. Compared to the playable version, there is no difference but the in-card artwork. Since version 1.7.54, selling of this card is disallowed.

Tyrant: Hades (Limited)

THades (Limited)

Set: Reward
Quality: Legendary
Faction: Bloodthirsty
Timer: 4 Turns
2 6
Regenerate 3
Strike All 2


  • This version of Hades was available for acquisition during version 1.9.11, between October 27, 2011 and November 4, 2011, when Freaky Excellent Finish! overrides Excellent Finish!.
    • Any player that obtained Hades during said period will still see Hades with this artwork in their inventory and profile. It is not possible to get both versions of the card.

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