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War MetalEdit

Gun Raven
Special Ability
Panzerfaust: Chance to deal massive damage against Epic Bosses

Brotherhood: Chance to deal massive damage [Requires Razor Hawk x1 in Active Force]

Quality: Orange
Attack Defense
80 80

This unit can be obtained through the Collection (Units) by acquiring the following:

This unit can be upgraded to Gun Raven X.



  • Procs only on Epic Bosses
  • Proc rate: 50%
  • Damage: 11-33
  • Avg damage: 11


  • Proc requirements: Razor Hawk in Active Force
  • Proc rate: 50%
  • Damage: 7-23
  • Avg damage: 7.5


  • This unit was first introduced as an April Fool's prank, with the propagation of a rumor that it was available through Combat Unit gifts. A few weeks later it was officially released for acquisition.


Gun Raven is available to Tyrant players for finishing Homeland Defenders 4.Since version 1.7.54, selling of this card is disallowed.

Tyrant: Gun Raven

TGun Raven

Set: Reward
Quality: Unique Rare
Faction: Raider
Timer: 4 Turns
2 10
AntiAir 3

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