Furious Chimp Doom is a Tyrant Player Faction on Kongregate. FCDHeader

We are Furious Chimp Doom. We are a highly active, highly motivated faction with a singular purpose in mind; to take our faction to the top 10 and curb-check any faction that gets in our way x)

F.C.D. Stats
TFCD Icon Faction Level - 11                    TFP Icon Faction Points - 2126 of 2450
TMember2 Icon Members 45 of 50                     TWin Icon Wins and Losses 477 - 176


This is a relaxed warring faction. Maintaining "relaxed" is a core goal of the faction leadership, but maintaining our war efforts is equally important. With that in mind, the following code should be upheld by all F.C.D. members:

  • All F.C.D. members are expected to act maturely. You can be mature and still have fun.
  • Be helpful and courteous to our lower level members. We were all there at one time.
  • Realize that you are signing on with a very active faction and although we don’t expect you to be on at all times we do expect you to be a team player and help further your factions cause. (At this time we have not implemented a weekly LP requirement, for the simple reason that I don’t want F.C.D. members feeling like worker drones. However, that does not mean you cannot or will not be removed for a lack of faction efforts)
  • All races, creeds, and religions are respected here. That means we have a no tolerance policy on any inflammatory or offensive communication.
  • Keep all commentary civil, and be courteous at all times. Constructive criticism is welcome, but insults directed towards other members or officers will not be tolerated.
  • Officers have been given rank for a reason, so please listen to them.
  • And lastly this is a self sustaining faction. Meaning that in the event I should ever grow tired of this game I will not simply abandon F.C.D. without a leader; an officer whom I feel is capable will be chosen to replace me if this occurs.
  • Prospective Recruits Apply Here: TApply Icon


Officers are the lifeblood of any faction and as such can be relied upon to possess essential leadership qualities. Leadership roles in F.C.D. are decided based on demonstrated ability as well as the need for Officers given the current growth and expansion of our faction.

CoBRa (Leader) smorg (Officer)
Fehmer (Officer) Nightmarez (Officer)
dj_hdog (Officer) maalgard (Officer)
thekidd84 (Retired) Maddog0000 (Retired)

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