War MetalEdit

Frontline Warrior
Special Ability
Demolition: Change to deal damage and prevent enemy Structure from entering battle.
Origin: Asphodel
Quality: Purple
Attack Defense
85 50

Frontline Warrior is acquired in An Empty Victory in the Asphodel Mission tier.


  • Proc chance: 40%
  • Damage: 2-6
  • Average damage per attack: 1.6
  • On proc: Jams an enemy Structure


Front Line Warrior is available to Tyrant players through Nexus Packs and Mission 42.

Tyrant: Front Line Warrior

TFront Line Warrior

Set: Nexus
Quality: Common
Faction: Imperial
Timer: 0 Turns
1 3
Crush 2


  • Spelled Frontline Warrior in War Metal and Front Line Warrior in Tyrant, this unit was introduced into both games around the same time.

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