DeadMen is a Tyrant Player Faction on Kongregate.

DeadMen is a faction consisting of once active and mighty players but now our faction has become an inactive one, but still a force to be reckoned with! We may not be as active as before, but we still participate in wars and we welcome all players who are looking for a stable faction where they can slowly farm loyalty and unlock faction rewards without any pressure or any target loyalty to earn per day.

  • Platform: Kongregate
  • Current Faction Level: 6
  • Members: 25/40
  • Infamy: 0
  • Number Of Officers: 11
  • Total Faction Loyalty: 55,793
  • Average LP / member: 2231
  • Average Level / member: 33.96
  • Preferable Requirements: At least level 20, with an effective defense deck. Join us and earn loyalty at your own pace.

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