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Commander cards have various functions. First to note, you cannot have a deck without a Commander card. Your Commander card sets the health bar at the left of the combat screen. When your Commander takes damage, this bar goes down. Certain cards have methods to damage Commanders directly; this can shorten the game considerably.

Commander cards also have certain effects. For example, Elena has Rally Imperial 1. This ability allows her to choose one Imperial unit on her side of the battlefield (computer chooses) and give them +1 Attack. This has the effect of defeating most enemy units on the field, and devastate the opponent's Commander. Commanders also do not attack. They can only support.

Also, Structures with the Wall skill can be used as shields for your Commander. When your Commander is attacked, the Wall can then absorb damage (and in some cases kill your opponent's Assaults). Be warned, once all Walls are gone, your Commander will take damage as normal.

Commander Cards are designated by a person icon in the title bar.

Commander Cards included in the Standard Pack
Commander Cards included in the Enclave Pack
Commander Cards included in the Nexus Pack
Commander Cards included in the Blight Pack
Commander Cards included in the Homeworld Pack

See AlsoEdit

Card Health Pack
Aiko 8 Blight
Aiko (Unavailable) 12 Unavailable
Ajax 10 Enclave
Alaric 11 Standard
Alaric (Unavailable) 14 Unavailable
Ascaris 10 Unavailable
Ascaris 11 Unavailable
Ascaris 19 Unavailable
Ascaris 19 Unavailable
Atlas 10 Standard
Atlas 13 Upgraded
Atlas (Unavailable) 16 Unavailable
Attalia 12 Reward
Barracus 9 Blight
Barracus (Unavailable) 14 Unavailable
Barracus (Unavailable) 16 Unavailable
Barracus (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Barracus (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Behemoth 25 Unavailable
Bianca 9 Standard
Blightbloom 20 Unavailable
Bloody Mary 11 Reward
Boris 8 Reward
Brood Mother 15 Unavailable
Caitalia 7 Awakening
Cassandra 8 Purity
Cassandra (Unavailable) 14 Unavailable
Cassandra (Unavailable) 16 Unavailable
Cassandra (Unavailable) 17 Unavailable
Corilane 6 Phobos
Corilane (Unavailable) 16 Unavailable
Corilane (Unavailable) 19 Unavailable
Corilane (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Corilane (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Cyrus 6 Standard
Daedalus 8 Reward
Daizon 8 Homeworld
Daizon (Unavailable) 13 Unavailable
Daizon (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Dalia 7 Reward
Deacon 14 Purity
Deacon (Unavailable) 13 Unavailable
Deacon (Unavailable) 16 Unavailable
Dementia 13 Enclave
Dracorex 9 Nexus
Dracorex (Limited) 9 Reward
Dracorex (Unavailable) 13 Unavailable
Dracorex (Unavailable) 17 Unavailable
Dracorex (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Dracorex (Unavailable) 20 Unavailable
Dracorex (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Duncan 10 Standard
Ectobrume 20 Unavailable
Elena 4 Standard
Emanuel 8 Reward
Emanuel (Unavailable) 17 Unavailable
Emanuel (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Empress 12 Purity
Empress (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Eva 11 Reward
Freddie 12 Standard
GDR5000 25 Unavailable
Gabriel 9 Awakening
Gabriel (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Gaia 13 Homeworld
Gaia (Unavailable) 16 Unavailable
Gaia (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Gaia (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Gaia (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Ghoulerc 5 Phobos
Ghoulerc (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Ghoulerc (Unavailable) 17 Unavailable
Gialdrea 12 Awakening
Gore Typhon 25 Unavailable
Gustmich 7 Blight
Gustmich (Unavailable) 14 Unavailable
Gustmich (Unavailable) 17 Unavailable
Halcyon the Corrupt 7 Reward
Halcyon the Corrupt (Limited) 7 Reward
Halcyon the Corrupt (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Halcyon the Corrupt (Unavailable) 20 Unavailable
Hubard 20 Unavailable
Hydra (Commander) 25 Unavailable
Hydraulis 4 Enclave
Invasion Coordinator 12 Enclave
Isabelle 13 Standard
Jekel 12 Phobos Aftermath
Jotun 20 Unavailable
Julichty 20 Unavailable
Kaszatah 20 Unavailable
Kleave 7 Awakening
Kleave (Unavailable) 16 Unavailable
Kleave (Unavailable) 17 Unavailable
Korvald 10 Purity
Korvald (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Krellus 14 Unavailable
Krellus 17 Unavailable
Laird 12 Awakening
Laird (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Lithid 25 Unavailable
Lord Alexander 9 Standard
Lord of Tartarus 12 Reward
Lord of Tartarus (Unavailable) 14 Unavailable
Lord of Tartarus (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Lord of Tartarus (Unavailable) 16 Unavailable
Lord of Tartarus (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Lucina 6 Blight
Lucina (Unavailable) 13 Unavailable
Lucina (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Lucina the Wicked 7 Reward
Lucina the Wicked (Unavailable) 20 Unavailable
Maion 8 Purity
Maion (Unavailable) 16 Unavailable
Maion (Unavailable) 19 Unavailable
Malika 8 Unavailable
Malika 16 Unavailable
Malika 17 Unavailable
Malort 8 Standard
Malort (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Mayumi 14 Reward
Miradren 15 Awakening
Miradren (Unavailable) 19 Unavailable
Morgan 14 Reward
Morgan 18 Upgraded
Natasha 7 Standard
Nexor 8 Phobos Aftermath
Nexor (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Ningeco 9 Homeworld
Ningeco (Unavailable) 14 Unavailable
Ningeco (Unavailable) 17 Unavailable
Oluth 20 Unavailable
Opak 7 Purity
Opak (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Opak (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Pantheon Core 25 Unavailable
Patriarch 9 Phobos
Petrisis 11 Blight
Raider Captain 3 Unavailable
Raider Commander 11 Unavailable
Raider Commander 11 Unavailable
Raider Commander 16 Unavailable
Raider Commander 18 Unavailable
Raider General 6 Unavailable
Ryoko 7 Enclave
Ryoko (Unavailable) 14 Unavailable
Ryoko (Unavailable) 16 Unavailable
Samantha 10 Phobos
Samantha (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Samantha (Unavailable) 14 Unavailable
Samantha (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Sentinel 25 Unavailable
Sidoze 10 Reward
Skullkeeper 16 Reward
Skullkeeper, Lv2 20 Upgrade
Stavros 13 Reward
Svetlana 6 Phobos
Svetlana (Unavailable) 16 Unavailable
Svetlana (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Tabitha 10 Reward
Tabitha (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Teiffa 12 Phobos Aftermath
Terrogor 6 Nexus
Terrogor (Unavailable) 10 Unavailable
Thadius 12 Reward
The Butcher 9 Reward
The Oracle 7 Standard
The Oracle (Unavailable) 17 Unavailable
Typhon Vex 9 Reward
Typhon Vex (Unavailable) 5 Unavailable
Typhon Vex (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Vengar 11 Awakening
Vengar (Unavailable) 16 Unavailable
Vengar (Unavailable) 18 Unavailable
Vik 8 Nexus
Vik (Unavailable) 12 Unavailable
Vik (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Vik (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Vik (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Virulentus 11 Terminus
Vyander 11 Standard
Vyander (Unavailable) 11 Unavailable
Vyander (Unavailable) 20 Unavailable
Vyander (Xeno Domination) 20
Whisper 6 Standard
Wildareo 12 Terminus
Xaedan 13 Reward
Xaedan (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Xeno Units
Xeno Walker 20 Unavailable
Yurich 10 Nexus
Yurich, Lv2 14 Upgrade
Zander 7 Homeworld
Zander (Unavailable) 13 Unavailable
Zander (Unavailable) 13 Unavailable
Zander (Unavailable) 15 Unavailable
Zander (Unavailable) 17 Unavailable

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