Xeno Singularis

Combat Rank is the title displayed on every player's profile, all players starting with the rank of Recruit and working up through the titles by gaining Combat Rating through Player vs. Player (PVP) or Player vs. Boss combat.

Combat PointsEdit

A player's Combat Rank is determined by the number of Combat Points that player has. Combat Points are gained by attacking other players and regular Bosses. It costs one stamina to attack a player and two to attack a Boss. The number of Combat Points gained is determined by the difference in Combat Rank between the attacker and the defender.

If the attacking player wins a battle against an opponent with a higher Combat Rank, that player will earn relatively more Combat Points than if he/she were attacking an opponent with a similar Combat Rank.

If the attacking player loses a battle against an opponent with a lower Combat Rank, that will lose relatively more Combat Points than if he/she were attacking an opponent with a similar Combat Rank.

At the moment, it is not possible to earn more than 8 Combat points per attack, regardless of how great the differences in opposing Combat Ranks. The Combat Rank threshold to earn the maximum number of points per attack is about 1500 less than the defending opponent. For example, if a player with a Combat Rank of 2000 attacks a player with a Combat Rank of 3500 and wins, the attacking player will earn 8 Combat Points, raising their Combat Rank to 2008. See reward table below.

The attacking player will not lose Combat Points for losing a battle with a significantly higher ranked opponent.


The following Combat Ranks may be attained by acquiring the appropriate Combat Rating.


  • All players start with this rank
  • Combat Ratings 0-199
  • No special unit available









  • Combat Rating 25,000-39,999
  • Havoc available for purchase in Barracks




  • Combat Rating 100,000 and above
  • Rifter available for purchase in Barracks


  • Obliterator and Emperor ranks added May 2010.
  • Rifter added about January 2011.

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