The Xeno Faction is encountered during many Tyrant missions. During play, Xeno

cards will become available for addition in your deck.

Xeno Cards are designated by a black title bar.



  • Lack of certain skills
    Xeno cards don't have the following skill: Valor.
  • Siege
    Few Xeno cards have Siege. Here's part of the list:

Most of the time, these Siege cards are either hard to get, or fragile.
  • Anti-Air vulnerability
    Many Xeno units fly, so units with the Anti-Air skill are often highly effective against Xeno forces.
  • Health
    Xeno cards tend to have below average health, as they rely on Evade and Flying to stay alive.
  • Synergy
    Xeno Assault cards with support skills are generally weak, contrasting to the abundance of offensive skills such as Strike. But most Xeno Structures possess the support skills lacking in their Assault cards.


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