TMystic Obelisk
Some structure cards can act as a wall and protect the Commander. Additionally, they may have a variety of abilities which can be either defensive or offensive in nature.

Structure Cards are designated by a tower icon in the title bar.

Structure Cards included in the Standard Pack
Structure Cards included in the Enclave Pack
Structure Cards included in the Nexus Pack
Structure Cards included in the Blight Pack
Structure Cards included in the Homeworld Pack
Structure Cards included in the Phobos Aftermath Pack

Card Health Pack
Absorption Shield 7 Promotional
Acid Spout 4 Awakening
Acropolis 6 Reward
Adytum 7 Standard
Aquatic Epicenter 7 Phobos
Armory 6 Awakening
Arms Depot 7 Homeworld
Arms Depot 8 Upgraded
Artillery Encampment 5 Enclave
Assembly Plant 5 Reward
Asylum 5 Standard
Battle Station 8 Unavailable
Blight Geyser 5 Purity
Blight Tower 6 Nexus
Blightbulb 2 Phobos
Blood Pool 6 Standard
Blood Wall 5 Reward
Boot Camp 3 Phobos
Bridge of Destiny 5 Reward
Bursting Spore 4 Phobos
Cannon Wall 10 Unavailable
Cloning Laboratory 2 Nexus
ComSat Terminal 8 Enclave
ComSat Terminal 9 Upgraded
Command Center 7 Standard
Communications Array 5 Standard
Corpulent Barrier 6 Awakening
Corrosive Spores 7 Unavailable
Crumbling Remains 5 Reward
Destructive Portal 5 Blight
Drop Pod 5 Reward
Earthquake Generator 5 Nexus
Enclave Pylon 4 Nexus
Enclave Signal 6 Purity
Enclave Warp Gate 3 Awakening
Energy Containment 4 Phobos
Energy Spiker 4 Reward
Engulfing Chasm 6 Homeworld
Essence Gatherer 5 Promotional
Exalted Memorial 6 Promotional
Festering Wasteland 6 Promotional
Flare of Courage 6 Awakening
Fortified Cannons 6 Reward
Fortified Extractor 3 Reward
Forward Base 5 Awakening
Foundry 4 Standard
Fulfilling Myst 5 Blight
GDR Core 10 Unavailable
Gatling Tower 5 Reward
Gatling Tower (Unavailable) 6 Unavailable
Harbor Command 6 Standard
Haven 5 Awakening
Haze Geyser 4 Reward
Haze Geyser (Unavailable) 7 Unavailable
Holy Beacon 4 Purity
Imperial Refuge 5 Homeworld
Interstellar Battery 5 Phobos
Invasion Blockade 5 Nexus
Landing Pods 8 Homeworld
Landmine 1 Unavailable
Machine Mill 4 Promotional
Mark of Hope 3 Awakening
Medic Bay 3 Standard
Mirror Wall 5 Enclave
Missile Silo 6 Standard
Mobile Base 4 Homeworld
Mortar Bunker 3 Blight
Mortar Bunker 5 Upgraded
Mystic Obelisk 4 Blight
Noxious Den 6 Reward
Offshore Platform 7 Purity
Orbital Cannon 2 Standard
Orbital Shield 5 Promotional
Outpost 5 Phobos Aftermath
Overcharged Pantheon 5 Unavailable
Panic Disperser 4 Homeworld
Panopticon 8 Enclave
Pantheon 5 Purity
Pantheon (Unavailable) 7 Unavailable
Pantheon Shard 3 Phobos Aftermath
Petrol Rig 8 Reward
Power Generator 2 Enclave
Prism 5 Homeworld
Pulsating Bunker 6 Promotional
Pulse Emitter 4 Blight
Radiant Cultivator 9 Phobos
Raider Encampment 5 Nexus
Raider Wall 2 Standard
Rally Flag 2 Standard
Regeneration Bay 4 Standard
Rejuvenator 6 Unavailable
Relay Station Alpha 8 Promotional
Righteous Barricade 4 Purity
Righteous Hold 6 Awakening
Rust Egress 5 Awakening
Salvage HQ 8 Occupation
Sanctuary 7 Standard
Sanguinary Stalk 8 Phobos Aftermath
Shrapnel Engine 4 Phobos
Shuddering Keep 9 Awakening
Signal Towers 5 Homeworld
SkyCom 5 Reward
SkyCom 6 Upgraded
Sulfuris Acid Pit 4 Nexus
Sustained Wall 5 Homeworld
TComSat Terminal Lv2.jpg
TSkyCom Lv2.jpg
Tartarus Pits 4 Blight
Tesla Cannon 7 Enclave
Teslafield 6 Blight
Thrashing Barbel 9 Unavailable
Tyrant Summon
Unstable Dynamo 8 Promotional
Warehouse 3 Reward
Waypoint 7 Promotional
Web of Madness 7 Phobos Aftermath
Xeno Forcefield 3 Enclave
Xeno Fortress 6 Reward
Xeno Singularis 4 Standard
Zarak 5 Awakening


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