Standard Cards are obtained from the Bronze, Silver and Gold Packs in the Store or as rewards for certain missions. The Standard cards in a player's collection are displayed under the Standard Icon (TSetIconStandard) within the player's Profile on Facebook and within Home → Cards on Kongregate.


  • versions 1.0.18 through 1.1.22 included 105 Standard Cards (23 November 2010).
  • Version 1.4.18 included 107 Standard Cards (29 December 2010).
  • Version 1.5.16 included 111 Standard Cards (March 2011).
  • Version 1.9.9 included 131 Standard Cards (September 2011).
Commander Cards included in the Standard Pack
Assault Cards included in the Standard Pack
Structure Cards included in the Standard Pack
Action Cards included in the Standard Pack

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