The Righteous Faction is encountered during many Tyrant missions. During play, Righteous cards will become available for addition to your Deck.

Righteous cards are designated by a silver title bar.


  • Protect
    Righteous have many cards with the Protect skill, such as Bridge of Destiny and Odin.
  • Healing
    Righteous have many cards with Heal and/or Supply, including Support Carrier, Sanctuary, and Apollo.
  • Tribute
    Righteous have a high concentration of units with the Tribute skill when compared to other factions. Good use of synergy between Tribute and Protect can often give Righteous units increased survivability.


  • Lack of certain skills
    Righteous cards don't have the following skills: Chaos, Disease, Enfeeble, Fear, Leech, Poison.
  • No viable mid-speed legendary
    There are no meta-compatible 2-3 wait Righteous legendary that is not over-specialized (Odin, Lvl 2)
  • Over-reliance of direct attack
  • Few Righteous Assaults have skills that allow them to deal damage when Immobilized (Poison and Strike). Enfeeble, Swipe and Flurry are also on low concentration within Righteous units, making it hard to use them to establish DoA. This can be covered by using high power Structures, which is counterable with Siege.
  • Generic debuffing
    Offensive activation skills on Righteous cards tend to be faction-specific, such as Strike Imperial or Jam Bloodthirsty.

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