The Raider Faction is encountered during many Tyrant missions. During play, Raider cards will become available for addition to your Deck.

Raider cards are designated by a brown title bar.


  • Armor
    The Raiders have many of the most heavily Armored cards in the game, such as Juggernaut and Pyro Rig.
  • Siege
    The Raiders are the unquestioned kings of both fast and slow Siege, with cards like Cannon Walker, Omega or the almighty Bolide Walker.
  • Firepower
    The combo of Rally, Strike, Flurry, Swipe and Enfeeble in all sizes is able to destroy every enemy in no time.
  • Buildings
    Almost all popular buildings in the game come from Raiders, among these Missile Silo, Gatling Tower and Command Center.


  • Lack of certain skills
    Raider cards don't have the following skill: Siphon.
  • Flying
    Few Raider units have Flying. Here is part of the list:
Among these cards, Orbo, Chopper and Drones are seldom considered in high-end decks.
  • Healing
    Few Raider cards have Healing. Here is part of the list:
  • Yurich (Heal All 1, Commander, Nexus Rare)
  • Waypoint (Heal All 1, Structure, Promotional Rare)
  • Cassandra (Heal Single 1, Commander, Purity Common)
  • Salvager (Heal Single 1, Assault, Raid reward from Miasma honor)
  • Warehouse (Heal Single 1, Structure, Faction level 8 reward)
  • Power Generator (Heal Single 1, Structure, Enclave Common)
  • Machine Mill (Heal Single 2, Structure, Promotional Rare)
  • Goliath (Heal Single 2, Assault, Nexus Legendary)
  • Blitz Armor (Heal Single 2, Assault, Standard Uncommon)
  • Combat Specialist (Heal Single 1, Assault, Standard Common)
  • Assembly Plant (Heal Single 1, Structure, Reputation reward fromForsaken Ones)
  • Foundry (Heal Single 1, Structure, Standard Common)
  • Radio Officer (Heal All 1, Assault, Awakening Rare)
Most of the time, a Raider deck with Healing may need to use universal Heal All cards, like Apollo and Absorption Shield, and Supply cards mostly from other factions.
  • Health
    Many of the Raider's most armored units have 3 Health or less, such as Tremor Hunter. The assaults with extra health, Gun Raven and Mobile Command are considered merely meat shields, while most attackers are considerably fragile.


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