The Imperial Faction is your Faction when starting Tyrant. As you play, units from other Factions will be available to add to your Deck.

Commanders, Assault Units, and Structures associated with the Imperial Faction have a blue title bar.


  • Durability
    The Imperials are a fairly durable faction—many of their cards have Armor, high Health, and/or Healing. Famous Examples are Aegis and Absorption Shield.
  • Rush
    Many of the popular rush units are from the Imperials, such as Sawblade and Irradiated Infantry.
  • Strike
    Imperials also have some good Strikers, such as Tiamat and Sabre.
  • Siege
    Most non-unique Imperial Siege units are somewhat fragile, but with good Siege. Unique cards are massively powerful such as Titan and Poseidon. Non-unique Siege cards like Aquabat, Metalhead, and Marine can also be used in some situations. Imperial Siege units with low health can also be supplemented by Heal Commanders and units, of which the Imperials are in abundance.


  • Activation Skills
    Few Imperial cards have Evade. A part of Imperial cards with Evade includes:
Other Imperial cards, Structures and Assault units alike will simply have to recover from the activation skills that the enemy cards use and may be destroyed before they have such a chance. Additionally, they are hard to counter these skills with Chaos (only Lord Halcyon has Chaos by the time of Terminus release).
  • Attack power
    Only a few Imperial Assault units have 4 or more base Attack:
  • Risky Rally
    Imperials do have 3 Rally Commanders, but only Tabitha can compare to Rally Commanders of other Factions; once you get her, both Elena and Thadius get shelved. Also, the majority of Imperial units with Rally are powerful by themselves once activated, such as the Stormrunner; however, these Rally units have low defense and/or are hard to bring out.

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