The Bloodthirsty Faction is encountered during many Tyrant missions. During play, Bloodthirsty cards will become available for addition to your Deck.

Bloodthirsty Cards are designated by a red title bar.


  • Healing, Leech, and Health
    Blood Pool and Blood Spout are examples to provide abundant healing. Leech also helps keep units alive, while heavy build fits well with these skills.
  • Rally and Enfeeble
    Bloodthirsty have some potent Rally and Enfeeble cards, chief among them are Asylum and Noxious Den.
  • Swipe
    Introduced in the Blight Pack, many new Bloodthirsty units have the ability to attack units aligned to them, as well as those that are adjacent to that enemy unit.


  • Lack of certain skills
    Bloodthirsty cards don't have the following skills: Augment, Intercept, Protect.
  • Siege
    Few Bloodthirsty cards have Siege. Here's part of the list:
Gustmish is mediocre as a Commander, and others are relatively slow units for their Siege power.
  • Strike
    Few Bloodthirsty cards have Strike. Here's part of the list:
  • Aerial defence
    Few Bloodthirsty units can hit enemy Flying units at 100% accuracy. Here's part of the list:
Other BT units will simply have to settle with 50% miss chance when attacking Flying units. Considering the facts that BT lacks Strike cards and that their cards fit badly with AntiAir units of other factions, Flying enemies can be a big problem for BT.
  • Jam
    Few Bloodthirsty cards have Jam. Here's part of the list:
So it's common to see mono-BT decks being overwhelmed by powerful pro-type activation skills used by the enemies.
  • Armor
    Few Bloodthirsty units have Armor. Here's the list:
  • Intruder (Armored 1, Uncommon, from Blight Packs)
Due to lack of Armor, Protect, Strike and Jam, many BT units are dependent on Poison, Swipe, Flurry and Berserk to finish off enemies fast. Weaken and Immobilize can cause disasters if landed onto BT units.
  • Mid-speed Assaults
    Almost all of the good Bloodthirsty Assault units that are easily accessible are 1 delay or 4 delay. Good 2 delay and 3 delay BT units are hard to access, especially in attack class.

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