Blinding Apprentice
Special Ability
Devastating Blow: Change to deal major damage.
Quality: Purple
Attack Defense
50 50

War MetalEdit

Introduced on or about 18 November 2010, the Blinding Apprentice has been made available for purchase through the Power Pack. This unit may become available again in future War Packs.


  • Proc chance: 50%
  • Damage: 3-11
  • Average damage per attack: 3.5


Blinding Apprentice is available to Tyrant players as a Faction Reward.

  • Unlocking Requirements: Faction level 2, 100Loyalty Points(will be relocked if you leave the faction)
  • Cost: 1000Gold
Tyrant: Blinding Apprentice

TBlinding Apprentice

Set: Reward
Quality: Uncommon
Faction: Xeno
Timer: 3 Turns
2 6
Weaken 2

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