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Clicking on the Battle tab takes the player to the Player vs. Player combat page. Above the list of players suggested are tabs to Players, Arena, Bosses, Epic Bosses, and Combat Rank.


This page displays a list of 25 suggested players, their levels, alliance size, combat ratings, and the insignia which may be obtained as potential victory loot. Visiting this page allows the player to select other players of the same or comparable level for Player vs. Player combat.


  • Players below level 50 have combat protection from attack by higher level players. Once attaining level 50, any player is subject from attack by any other player within the game. It is common for level 50-75 players to be intiated by higher level players for combat rating and/or insignia. Players also must be level 50 to enter the Arena.
  • Certain players have been known to be targeted for breaking event caps/targets set by hosts, foul language posts in event or profile walls, or whining on the War Metal Discussion Board or in posts on other player profiles.

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