War MetalEdit

Barrage Tank
Special Ability
Barrage: Launch a barrack of missiles at enemy Force.
Quality: Grey
Attack Defense
6 5

The Barrage Tank is acquired as Boss loot from Stryder or is available for purchase in the Barracks.


  • Proc chance: 30%
  • Damage: 1-3
  • Average damage per attack: 0.6


Barrage Tank is available to Tyrant players through Bronze, Silver and Gold packs and Mission 8.

Tyrant: Barrage Tank

TBarrage Tank

Set: Standard
Quality: Common
Faction: Imperial
Timer: 1 Turn
0 2
Armored 1
Strike 1

Tyrant UnleashedEdit

Stage 1: ???

Stage 2: 3 timer, 3 attack, 5 hp, Armored 1, Strike 2

Stage 3: 3 timer, 3 attack, 7 hp, Armored 1, Strike 2

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