War MetalEdit

Auger Tank
Special Ability
Destructive Beam: Chance to deal major damage against Epics and prevent some healing.
Quality: Purple
Attack Defense
45 60

Introduced on or about 18 November 2010, the Auger Tank has been made available through the Power Pack. This unit may become available agin in future War Packs.


  • Proc chance: 50%
  • Healing prevented: 4-12
  • Average healing prevented per attack: 4
  • Damage on Epic Boss: 6-18
  • Average damage per attack on Epic Boss: 6
  • Notes: If enemy is not Epic Boss, deals no damage but still prevents healing.


Auger Tank was introduced to Tyrant players as a promotional card in version 1.1.22. Currently, it is available to Tyrant players through the Promo Card Vault only.

Tyrant: Auger Tank

TAuger Tank

Set: Promotional
Quality: Rare
Faction: Imperial
Timer: 2 Turns
1 3
Armored 2
Rally Imperial 2

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