Atlantis is a Tyrant Player Faction on Kongregate.


The Advancement Faction


Atlantis: mythology has it to be an island several centuries ago that was more advanced than any other civilization in it's time. But one day, it suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth, rumoured to be lost, some believe it sunk several thousand feet into the ocean.

At the time of our inception, Tyrant had a lot of meaningless factions, many which were created simply out of boredom. Many of them were disorganized, full of internal drama, and without a primary goal.

And suddenly, rose Atlantis, a Tyrant faction with one primary objective: Climbing trees. Striving to constantly climb higher. We fear not falling, but getting stuck. The one goal we value above all others. Together we strive to jam cars in trees.

Atlantis is built upon Mentors, who help others become the best [not] players on Tyrant, and members with a strong desire to improve among all else.

We welcome you to Atlantis.


"You put the main objective as "advancement", and i agree with that, but i think we are doing so good so far cause we have that fellowship sense, we are all helping each other." -PiraHC

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