The Emperor controls all War Chip transactions. War Chips are earned through various achievements, are earned through offers, or are purchased by Paypal, Credit Card, or by Phone. War Chips may be used for short term or one time boosts, to purchase Special Units, or to purchase items from a War Pack.

With the introduction of the new interface on 11 October 2010, the Emperor is no longer displayed. War Chip purchases are now under the Armory subsection as Supplies, Units, War Chips, Boosts, and Training.


All refills previously listed under the Emperor are now classed as Supplies in the Armory subsection.


Special War Chips units may now be found under Units in the Armory subsection.


Boosts for Stamina, Attack and Defense formerly listed under the Emperor are now found under Boosts in the Armory subsection.


War PacksEdit

War Packs were introduced on 9 December 2009. Variety of Packs is rotated at the game developer's discretion. War Packs may consist of 12 Commanders or a combination of 5 Assault Units and Structures. Assault Units and Structures may be packaged according to Division, as Infantry, Aerial, Armored, Naval, Xeno, Bloodthirsty, etc. With the introduction of the new User Infterface 10 October 2010, War Packs are now found under War Packs in the Armory subsection.

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