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Inviting your friends to join the game helps to increase the size of your Alliance. For every five additional Alliance members, another Assault Unit into battle. More than 500 Alliance members may be in your alliance, however only 500 Alliance members are counted for battles. From the Alliance page, there are four tabs - Invite, Gifting, Show Alliance, Show Invites.


At the Invite page, a player may invite friends to play War Metal directly with a Facebook Request. Alternatively, the player may copy the "Join my War Metal" link above the friend selection box, and paste in private message, friend request, or on their Facebook profile. This Alliance link was also available with the "Add War Metal to Profile" link, which added a Box to the player's profile. The War Metal box is no longer directly available to be added to profiles.


Gifts may be sent to friends and Alliance members from this page, as well as from the Gifting link on the Home page. Friends who do not currently play War Metal may join the game by accepting a gift. This is helpful if the player knows of a friend who is interested in playing and plans to start immediately, with the gift introducing them to the game and adding them to the player's Alliance in one process. Current War Metal players are listed in the default friend selection; a link to show all Facebook friends is also available.

Show AllianceEdit

A small thumbnail of the player's Facebook profile picture and their name is shown in a table on this page. A player may remove any Alliance member by clicking the link below the member's name. Clicking on the picture will display the Alliance members game profile.

Show InvitesEdit

Previously unanswered invites are displayed on this page. If a friend has ignored a previous invite, and does not show in the Invite page, the previous invite may be cancelled from this page. Once cancelled, a new invite may be sent from the Invite page.


  • Facebook profile boxes were removed from War Metal game options early in February 2010. If an existing War Metal box is removed from a profile, this box will not be possible to restore unless the game developer restores this option.
  • Prior to February 2010, updating of Title and Level in War Metal profile boxes was delayed considerably. Since Boxes have been disabled, Titles and Levels of players has not been updated.
  • As of about 15 September 2010, Facebook removed all "Boxes" from profile content, which elminiated the graphical link which players could display on their Profile as Box on the left side of their wall or in the Boxes Tab. This link was the "Join Alliance" link which is also available under the Alliance invitation section in the game.

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